Monday, April 06, 2009

YSL Golden Gloss In Golden Purple

When it comes to glamorous lip products, it doesn't get much better than Chanel lipsticks and YSL glosses. Between the slick packaging and the unique pigments, these are the ones I found most irresistible.

For the longest time, YSL Golden Gloss was offered in a limited number of shades, out of which my staple color (as in keeping one in almost every purse) was #2, Golden Praline, which is a glammed up neutral. Nowadays there's a lot more choice and since I've been on a purple kick, #14, Golden Purple is the perfect treat.

Golden Purple is dark enough for an ultra sexy evening look, yet it's sheer and never goes into vampire mouth territory. There's enough pink undertone to make the color blend with the lip, and the golden particles aren't over the top. I tested it in daylight and wore it several times when running mundane errands without feeling out of place (though I admit I wouldn't have done it if I were still teaching fifth grade math). What can I say? It catches the sunlight nicely.

Since I've already gone through a couple of Golden Gloss tubes, the vegetal scent no longer bothers me. I think I even like it better than the standard plastic vanilla you find in so many lip products. but if you're used to cotton candy sweet and testing the YSL gloss for the first time, be prepared for some weirdness.

YSL Golden Gloss ($29) is available from all the usual suspects, online and in store. Mine was a gift from a friend who has an exquisite taste.

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  1. great post - I'm going to look for this gloss - I love anything for a purple lip!!

    Kisses from Paris!



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