Thursday, April 09, 2009

Roxana Illuminated Perfume- Part 1

In a time when mainstream and big house perfumery is going to hell in a hand basket, the biggest comfort (and dare I say hope?) comes from the artisans and independent perfumers. They tend to not only be passionate about their artistic vision, but also about the quality of ingredients, many of them natural.

One such perfumer is Roxana Villa of Roxana Illuminated Perfume. Her creations are handmade as are the tinctures she uses for them. The emphasis is on botanical ingredients from the aromatics to the alcohol base. The perfumes are in extrait strength, lively, herbal and full of personality. They smell sharp in the bottle but change and develop on the skin in a way only complex naturals can.

Here's my overview, part one:

Vera- A big lavender with an orange blossom heart. It could have easily gone into soap land, but somehow it never does. Instead, it's an uplifting scent with an aromatherpeutical quality.

Aurora- Sweet and spicy carnation. Fans of Bellodgia and Golconda will appreciate the way the spicy clove-like part mellows down and melts into the skin.

Q- Tom, my scent twin, liked this one best and, unsurprisingly, I think I agree. This is, indeed, the softest side of Chene. While it took me a while to find the musk, once I got it I was smitten. It's gorgeous, gender-less, and from my unwillingness to remove my wrist from my nose, also very addictive.

Lyra- This one feels complex and multifaceted. There's a candied orange in there that doesn't become too sweet. Unlike Tom, I did get the tropical flowers, and surprisingly enough- I liked it. A lot. Out of the four here, Lyra is the strongest and most tenacious, but it stays close enough to the skin to make it very wearable.

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Roxana Illuminated Perfumes are available from her website (by the same name) and her etsy store: 7 ml of parfum extrait for $190, sample sets are also available, which is what I received as a PR freebie.

Image: Into The Light by Marcia Baldwin


  1. Roxana's fragrances are all so lovely. Each time I put one on I think, oh this one is my favorite....

    But right now it's Chaparral.

  2. I have tried several of these and they are all lovely. She is a true talent.

  3. Trish, I can see having a different favorite every week. The scent are so lively there's something for every mood and weather.

  4. Flora, I agree. The scents are very inspired.

  5. I very much enjoyed Lyra and Q as well (it was back a while when I did the reviewing of course). They're suprisingly vibrant and the solid minis are sooooo cute, aren't they?


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