Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bobbi Brown Nude Collection Fall 2009- Sorely missing inspiration

If Bobbi Brown's Nude collection for fall 2009 looks familiar and gives you a little déjà vu feeling, you're not wrong. Last year's fall, the 2008 collection was Shimmering Nudes (link goes to Blogdorf Goodman), and then we also had the 2007 Stonewashed Nudes (an old post of mine), and I'm pretty sure there was a between seasons mini-palette with a similar theme. No, it's exactly the same, but still very (too) similar.

I love Bobbi Brown and fully subscribe to her vision of pretty neutral colors that enhance one's face without looking painted, but this recycled collection is really crossing the uninspired line. Between the been-there-bought-that eye shadows, the too light lip colors and another shimmer brick (does anyone still use those?), there's very little to get excited here.

You can also feel the economy at work here. While last year's 7 eye shadows Shimmering Nudes palette was priced at $50, the new Nudes eye palette has 6 colors and retails for $60. Also, unlike previous seasons, there's no special packaging. Instead, the eye shadows are housed in the standard Bobbi Brown refillable 3 colors palette. It's a very good idea, especially because it allows you to reuse the pan and customize it in the future as many times as you wish (until they change the format again, like they did not too long ago when switching from round pans to the current square ones). Still, a $60 palette should look a lot more interesting and convey a level of luxury this one sorely lacks.

The only good news from the Nude Collection is the new long-wear gel eyeliner in Caviar Ink. It's the darkest possible brown, almost black but not quite, which is my favorite choice for daytime eyeliners, as they are less harsh or contrasting. I bought it on the spot, because I was running low on the Espresso Ink and was curious to see the difference between these two.

Espresso Ink is a touch warmer and also has a miniscule amount of red shimmer. You can see the difference in this photos, more noticeable in the one I took with the flash.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeliner Gel ($22) is available from any decent department store and at, which is where I bought mine.

Top image from Bobbi Brown newsletter
Swatch photos are mine, the orange tabby in the second one is Kosh.


  1. I'd like to see how they work on my skin. Not that I'd wear them..

    Although if there's some at home say to tint eyelashes that have gone to white, I'm listening. They've always been blond at the tips, but white ain't doing it for me.

  2. that should read "way to tint"

  3. Tom, I'm pretty sure eyelash tinting is a salon thing. I've never seen an at home kit, but then again, I never looked for one, so I migh be wrong. I'll ask my mom, she might know more.

    Personally, I'd prefer to have it done by a pro (said she who hasn't stepped into a hair salon since 1998), just because we're talking permanent color and eyes.

  4. tmp00, there is a home kit for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows. It can be purchased at beauty supply stores. The tint is not permanent and gradually fades out. For something more lasting, you need to go to a pro. Remember, tinting near the eyes is a risky thing, so get a referral!


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