Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matte Nail Polish- Zoya MatteVelvet Fall 2009

It looked like a good idea at the time.

With formerly extreme nail polish colors like black, green and indigo becoming acceptable in polite company, came the demand for something cool and new. Enter matte nail polish. The new trend is a departure from the ultra shiny nails we're used to see. No more piling on layers of glossy top coats to maintain luster. In fact, the new matte nails require that you use neither base coat nor top coat. It goes on over clean and dry nails (it's best to use a polish remover before application, to make sure there's no trace of lotions or other greasy substances).

I got to play with Zoya MatteVelvet, a collection of three colors in the new finish. Posh is a shimmery deep red, Loredana is a shimmery gunmetal gray and Dovima is a velvety black shimmer. The new colors come in a frosted glass bottle that actually hides the shimmer. The polish is actually has a muted metallic glint and a fabric-like appearance, which is where the problem starts for me.

The polish goes on easily, dries down in seconds (amazing. I wish all nail polish worked like this) and is essentially fool proof. But while the color is pretty and it's interesting, my nails end up looking fuzzy, like something went wrong. It's just not something I enjoy. The matte polish looks best in dim lighting, which brings out the best in this finish. It actually looks lit from within. But in broad daylight, said fuzziness occurs. Add to that the longevity issue (the Zoya website is very honest and warns you about it. It's a special formula and is not supposed to last) that causes flaking and chipping within 24 hours, and this is just not for me. I simply don't like this trend.

I removed the polish after two days, but that's probably because I couldn't wait to start playing with Zoya Truth and Dare, the two special collections for fall 2009. Both have gorgeous, deep colors with a sturdy, glossy finish. Photos coming soon.

Zoya MatteVelvet collection for fall 2009 ($6 per bottle) is available from select salons and the company's website, I received it as a PR freebie.

photos: mine. models: Peter (gray) and Buffy (white)


  1. Kind of a weird idea isn't it that you'd want to keep doing and re-doing your nails every 24 hours--as if I have nothing better to do with my time! I love the shades of gray but your review is a good warning. Love the gray kitty with the pink polish, maybe he needs it on his (her?) toes!! LOL!


  2. I'm a bit late. I have to ask, you don't use base and top coat with matte polishes at all? Is that standard with all matte polishes? because I kind of got used to putting base coat with any type of color...

  3. C., yes, I have a feeling the lasting power is going to be the one thing that prevents these trend from becoming too popular. I don't do anything heavy duty with my hands, but I live through my laptop and typing really ruins this manicure.

  4. Ines, I'm with you on this. I don't like to apply polish without a base coat because nails get stained. But the matte formula requires a clean nail or it would not adhere, and a top coat ruins the whole point of the matte polish.

  5. OPI also lists the same caveats in the advertising for their matte polishes. I think this is one trend that will drop off real fast.

  6. Anon, I agree. They all mean well, but this trend doesn't have what it takes to stick around for long.

  7. I have red version of this nail varnish and it lasted 3 days for me before it started to chip. You could always try to use a matte topcoat which is what I am contemplating using with it I love the colour. But of course its not going to be for everyone

  8. S&P, you're right. A matte finishing coat (several brands have them now) would probably make the polish stay longer.


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