Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illamasqua Afterhours Makeup: Coming Soon

In a time when brands are pushed out of the market and limit their distribution, a new launch is always good news. According to WWD, Illamasqua, a British cosmetics company is coming to Sephora by the end of this month.

The interesting thing about Illamasqua is the concept: Makeup For Your Alter Ego. This is makeup for nighttime. They specialize in bold colors, false eyelashes and vampy nails. Judging from the photo on WWD, we won't see a "nude collection" here, though looking at the company's website, I see all the neutral colors one could need, so maybe it's not just for creatures of the night.

I'd love to hear from overseas readers who've tried Illamasqua products. How good (or bad) is it? What should I try? Please comment!

Photo of Illamasqua counter at Selfridges: WWD, Eyeshadow palette: illamasqua.com


  1. lady jane greyJuly 15, 2009 1:39 AM

    From the other side of the pond : I've never heard about Illamasqua...

  2. I have the palette in the photo and I LOVE Illamasqua! Lady Jane: It's sold at Selfridges, and they have their own on-line sales, too.

    You MUST Try this!

  3. The pigmentation is a DREAM

    I love the names they give to the colours, too. So fun!


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