Monday, July 27, 2009

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum

I wasn't sure that I'm the right person to test Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum. My skin doesn't betray the fact I'm 15 months shy of my 40th birthday (good genes and compulsive maintenance. A disgustingly clean lifestyle doesn't hurt, either). However, the lines I do have are hereditary and are part of my expression: laugh lines near my eyes, and my forehead shows the signs of developing frown lines identical to my father's. Apparently, mothers everywhere were right: your face really does end up getting stuck like that. In addition, I also noticed recently that there's another line forming between my eyebrows. All that crankiness really doesn't do much for one's face, but I was sure the only salvation is Botox.

Still, when a product like Protect & Perfect serum gains not only a cult of followers that methodically clean out the shelves at Target, but also has some scientific that actually supports its claims, it means I need to try it. One day I actually found a lone box in the Boots No.7 aisle at the store, so it went home with me.

That started a twice daily new skin care routine. Protect & Perfect goes on smoothly and is quick to absorb. It's a good thing because you must follow up with a moisturizer, as this product feels a bit dry. It never clashed with any of my creams, and basically just went into the skin and stayed there, doing its thing. The box promised results within four weeks. I didn't see any change in the forehead situations, but honestly, I didn't expect to see anything. However, something was different and it took me a little while to realize that Protect & Perfect must be the best pore minimizer I've ever come across. My pores are pretty small to begin with, so it wasn't a big change, but getting an even smoother skin was a very welcome surprise.

I kept using the serum. Two or three weeks later I was scrutinizing my forehead and could not deny there was something going on. I didn't turn into Nicole Kidman or anything, but frowny 1, 2 and 3 (yes, they have names) were significantly less obvious. The line between the eyebrows, though, was still very much there and I was ready to declare that the serum does diddly squat for that kind of wrinkles. Until this week, when I started to suspect there actually is some difference. I can't prove it and everything was pretty subtle to begin with- it's not like any of these lines were that noticeable for the non-obsessive observer, but something is definitely happening.

The laugh lines are still in place, but that's how it should be for anyone who isn't Renee Zellweger.

Bottom line: I'm buying another bottle. Or maybe I'll go with the Intense version. More serumy goodness can't hurt.

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum ($21.99) is sometimes available from Target, in store and online. I bought it locally.



  1. TRhat's just great as I have been having this tested myself this very month!! Lucky I can get it in the UK, though I hear there is the same product marketed in the US as Restore and Renew!! (and I hear that version is even cheaper; I think I got this info through Jack and Hill, not 100% sure though on source)

    Well, I am not a real candidate either, I only have a frown line on forehead ~mostly visible over my left brow~ but the serum used once daily did make a subtle difference in 4 weeks. (Odd, who would have thought it, if cosmetics made a real difference, one would assume they're be sold as drugs at the pharmacist). I was very keen on being objective about it and it made an impression on me: Something in there works and it might be the silicone (pore-minimising and smoothing) along with the retinol. I am now scientifically curious to see if stopping it will revert things to before or if it will stay as is with proper maintainance (sunscreen, moisturizer). Not sure I want to go there, though, LOL

  2. Elena, the product now is back to being called P&P here (what was the point of different names?). The price is as I stated, with the Intense version being about $2 more. I think all prices went up in the last 6 months.

    I briefly considered the same scientific experiment, but decided there's only so much I'm willing to endure in the name of beauty blogging, and the return of my frown lines isn't one. ;)

  3. A ha, many thanks!

    It's much better having a consistent name so people aren't confused (it's super annoying when this happens). The point of two names eluded me as well, why was it even necessary at some point beats me...
    Even at 2$ up it's still a bargain compared to La Prairie or Sisley ;-)

  4. Yeah I've just got this so glad to hear it works.

  5. Hello, so my question is: What do I buy, Protect and Perfect no. 7 or Boots products. Also, does anyone use the other creams which go together, eye, night cream?

  6. I got this in a gift bag at a premiere. Will definitely give it a go after reading your posting...

  7. Definitely agree on the magical pore minimizing. Also makes my skin very smooth. It's taken off the sharp edges of my eye wrinkles but it's been only 4 weeks.


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