Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oscar Blandi Luce

Oscar Blandi Luce looks like a conditioner. But it isn't one, as I've learned the hard way.

Luce is a light glossing treatment. I'm all for shine, which was why I picked this cute (but utterly inconvenient) bottle to begin with. But the problems started from the first use. I followed directions and started by washing and conditioning my hair (using the Oribe Signature products), then applied Luce, covered with a shower cap and gave it time to work. As I rinsed it, I could already tell that my hair felt too thick and had a weird texture. The problem with this product is the way it coats, thickens and separates each and every hair. I have too much hair for it to be a good thing, and no amount of goop in the known world could conquer the frizz.

But I'm a beauty blogger. I do my research and I try stuff so you don't have to. Which is why I didn't toss the bottle. I've read that this Oscar Blandi product needs continued use before you can expect to see results, so I kept applying it for another couple of weeks. While there was a little less frizz and my curls looked a bit shinier than usual, it still was not making me happy. I also made the grave mistake to test Luce without using a conditioner first. It was one bad hair day from hell. This product has absolutely no detangling capabilities and it doesn't nourish hair. At all.

I have yet to test Luce before straightening my hair with the styling iron. But frankly, since hair-ironing requires a couple of extra products (protective cream and finishing serum) as it is, I'm a bit reluctant to go this way.

Bottom line: Oscar Blandi Luce is not for me. My hair has enough shine as it is, since I don't color it and I use heavy duty masks and conditioners, so whatever gloss this products adds isn't worth the hassle of an extra step in the shower or the thick, frizzy hair that comes with it.

Oscar Blandi Luce ($25 for 8 oz) is available from Sephora and I bought it online, but can't remember from which one of these two stores.


  1. Do you think it might be good for someone who has thin, fine, colored hair (I'm desparate!)

  2. Anon, there's a very good chance it'd work for you. Just make sure to use a good conditioner before applying.

  3. That picture is a fantastic illustration! :)

  4. S., now just try to picture me waking up with a head like that...


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