Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NARS Smudge Brush No.15

I can't say I'm very loyal to any brand of makeup brushes. I pick the ones that feel nicely balanced in my hand and seem to be the right size for the job. Recently I needed something very specific- a narrow brush to apply dark eye shadow right on the lash line and do a little smudging, both on the upper lashes and the bottom ones. I looked at several options, and selected NARS No. 15 Smudge Brush.

It delivers perfectly. While I rarely do a real smoky eye, I use (very) dark eye shadows on the lid and blend them into my eye liner. I also like applying just a hint of color right into the lower lashes without getting a bovine or a basset hound effect. The NARS smudge brush does the trick very efficiently. It picks just the right amount of eye shadow and places it where it belongs. How did I live without it for so long?

Bonus photo of Buffy, just because she's so pretty:

NARS No. 15 smudge brush ($25.50) is available from Sephora  online and in store, and

All photos are mine. As is the cat.


  1. How strange!
    I just bought this brush this past weekend at Barneys (in SF). They have such wonderful makeup and fragrance guys there! I say guys, because each of the 4 times I have been there, I have been approached by a female but then get handed off to a guy because the guys know more about fragrances. . . and two of them have also been excellent makeup artists.

    If you are ever there, ask for Miguel. He could chat about Lutens while doing wonders with this little brush.

  2. Dea, I agree about Barneys guys. They are great. I visit the NYC one often enough and enjoy the great service. My favorite Chanel makeup counter is there, and the fragrance guys are just as good. There were some changes lately at Frederic Malle, but the young lady they hired is as friendly and as informed as they come. If only Saks NYC would follow suit...

  3. Hooray! I just passed by the Nars counter last week and this bubbly makeup artist talked me into buying this. She says a smoky eye effect goes well with my eye shape and this is the perfect brush to create just a soft yet edgy look.

  4. Just had to put in a word of admiration for the gorgeous kitty!!


  5. BAAP, that's great! I think this brush is very versatile when it comes to makeup looks. I find myself reaching for it regularly.

  6. Thank you, C.. Buffy appreciates her fans :)

  7. hey!i m among those unlucky ppl who do not have NARS in their country so have to wait till someone goes abroad,i m eyeing this brush from quite a long time but it retails 36.50 pounds in uk website which is like almost double of $26 mentioned on US website,is it really of 36 pounds in uk?

    please help.


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