Thursday, July 02, 2009

Laura Mercier Satinée Crème Eye Colour

It's not really summer until someone buys a teal eye shadow.

I was at Bergdorf just as the Laura Mercier counter was being stocked with new products. My curiosity led me to allow the young SA free reign over my face, and it was a lot of fun. The new Satinée Crème Eye Colour in Teal Cashmere is beautiful and somewhat muted (on the website they describe it as "dusty", which is pretty accurate). It's different than the aqua shades we've seen in previous seasons, and as the SA showed me, the color is very wearable. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a twit or two from the counter.

The color looks scary right out of the tube (as you can see on my wrist in the swatch), but once you start blending it (a synthetic brush would do wonders, but you can also use your finger), things mellow down significantly. I've tried it as a sheer wash, but prefer it either as a pop of color near the lash line or blended with a cream base color on the lead and into the crease, as shown in the photo (yes, that's my eye).

Laura Mercier Satinée Crème Eye Colour belongs to a new generation of cream eye shadows. It has a beautiful finish with only the barest hint of light reflecting particles, it doesn't crease or melts (even in NYC humidity), and it stays put until you take it off as long as you apply it over a primer.

By the way, I also tried the new Limited Edition Medium Lip Watercolours. While I liked the concept of a blendable painter's palette and the Lip Prep (a lip primer/base) was fabulous, most of the colors were completely off. I wish there was a darker option (there's also a palette in Fair. Good for albinos), but since there isn't I went to the Chantecaille counter where I found a couple of true loves.

All photos are mine. Giselle up there is just a bonus picture as I was trying to keep her from taking off with the little eye shadow tube.

Laura Mercier Satinée Crème Eye Colour ($22) is available at most decent department stores and online. I bought mine at Bergdorf Goodman.


  1. You and Giselle have excellent taste!

  2. That's nice and it's amazing how different it looks on. Very nice eyes and very cute kitty!


  3. I have no comment about the shadow, but your eyebrows are fantastic!


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