Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chanel Fall 2009 Makeup Collection: Venise de Chanel

This is just a photo preview of the makeup items I chose from Chanel's 2009 fall collection, Venise de Chanel. Supposedly inspired by Mademoiselle's fascination with the romance of Venice (yawn. How long do they think they can keep milking Mademoiselle's various "fascinations"?), there's definitely some serious color and drama there. The center of this collection is the Quadra Eye Shadow in Murano, which offers some irresistible (to me, that is) greens.

I'll review everything in the coming week or two, but just wanted to give a sneak peak of these pretties. The deep purple Vendetta nail polish isn't actually part of this collection, I just thought it was super pretty (you'd notice I mismatched the bottles and the boxes in the photo, not that it matters).

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  1. yeah I don't like the whole Coco's fascinations but otherwise it's a beautiful collection!


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