Monday, November 26, 2012

CHANEL 'The Little Black Jacket' - Exhibition Opening In Berlin

...and a note about Karl Lagerfeld's personal grooming habits.

Appearing like the three harbingers of the zombie apocalypse, Carine Roitfeld, Karl Lagerfeld and Laetitia Casta attended CHANEL 'The Little Black Jacket' Exhibition Opening In Berlin last week. Laetitia actually looked lovely when apart from her two friends, and I find her bronzy-gloden makeup quite interesting, especially since most of the other attendees either chose Le No Makeup look or opted for the season's bold red lipstick.

 Now, I deeply apologize for the eww moment that will follow (click on the photo at your own risk), but I had to comment on Karl Lagerfeld's personal grooming:

I'd probably ignore this embarrassing ear hair situation had Uncle Karl been a bit kinder to humans (just ask Adele or Pippa Middleton). But since Lagerfeld can dish it he should also expect something back, such as a recommendation to invest in a ear hair trimmer (maybe he should have designed one to go with his Shu Uemura holiday eyelash curler) and to make sure his earlobes are also smooth. This fuzzy look is better on Choupette.

Photos: Getty Images via Zimbio.


  1. lol you took my formless stunned thoughts when I saw that photo and distilled them into "harbingers of the zombie apocalypse!" An unfortunate photo and an apt description. Lagerfeld along with along with Diane von Furstenberg are my least favorite designers as they both have been unkind towards women who are not model sized. On Diane's behalf I have to say she's the better dresser of the two.

  2. He's SO Zoolander! And your classic zombie description is apt for Karine R all the time, not just in this pic! Am I the only person who doesn't LOVE her personal style??? At all??? I don't know about the other gal's look -- the emphasis on her outer eye area makes her look cross eyed, and although I am a fan of bronzey golds myself, they make her skin look terrible, dontcha think? I am living in France and constangly marvel at the fact that the most famous makeup producing country in the world wears so little! I am almost always the only person in the restaurant wearing lipstick.......thanks for a place to be snarky, hope you don't mind!

  3. The three of them together really makes it obvious. Laetia is a gorgeous woman but this is the worst I've ever seen her with horribly unflattering makeup, messy dull hair and her skin is in awful condition. Carine is positively spooky looking! Needless to say, the Kaiser never changes but yes, what's with the ear hair? He should have a personal man servant attend to his grooming as he must be too old and blind to do it himself. What's up with the white powder at the top of his ear? I wonder if it makes his hair look thicker so we can't see how bald he is?

  4. Qwendy--I do not get Carine Roitfeld *at all.* She always looks like she needs to wash her face, shower, and shampoo her hair. Ugh. If you're a 19 year old rock star maybe you can get away with it, but she's far from 19 and hardly a star of anything. To me, that's far more egregious than "Uncle" Karl's few ear hairs. How hard did you have to scrutinize the photo to pick that up? Sheesh.

  5. Actually the ear hair wouldn't be so noticeable if it weren't for all the white powder his ears are sporting. It looks like he was a bit over zealous when powdering his hair (an affectation he's been practicing for years) and he forgot to brush off the excess. Oh, well, I think the ladies accompanying him were a lot worse for wear. Like Iron Maiden, I don't understand why Ms. Roitfeld is having such a moment in the media. She looks like she'd smell of old sweat and rancid hair oil. It's especially perplexing given the clout she has in the fashion world.

  6. Iron Maiden, yes, what's up with their hair??? It must be an extension somehow of what Gaia calls the Le No Makeup look, the carelessness that they think looks "casual"? Not to belabour it but there is a huge dif between what we think is cool and what is cool in France, and somehow the French always seem to land on their feet, bless 'em. I was reading a piece today about Coco Chanel and how she personified American women's desire to be sporty and comfortable.........Karl has come a long way from Coco in the 20's, I kinda love him, so OTT in the face of all that "natural" ness! If you are interested in him and YSL there's a fabulous book called The Beautiful Fall about their co-arrival in Paris the same year and their trajectories, a great read!

  7. QWendy--thanks for the book rec! I'm looking for a few to put on my Christmas list, and I think I'll love The Beautiful Fall.

  8. Oops--Eileen, your comment about old sweat and rancid hair oil made me LOL. Thank you!

  9. Iron Maiden, Karl had the book banned in Paris for several years after it was published, gotta love him! I hear he tools around in a chromed many divas are there in fashion anymore? Happy Hols!


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