Thursday, November 08, 2012

Stacy London: The Truth About style (Book Review)

"It takes the same amount of time to put on good clothes as bad clothes." --Stacy London

Stacy London is a professional stylist and the co-host of the American version of What Not To Wear. She’s always been opinionated, hilarious and just a little abrasive, though I’ve long suspected that  it’s more part of the public persona than of the real London. Reading her new book, The Truth About Style, I think I was right. Stacy might have a big mouth, but her heart is much bigger, and she’s finally ready to show it. 

The book is not exactly a style guide in the sense of “wear this/don’t wear that”. It is kind of a self-help book that will tell you some unvarnished and much-needed truths, and will make you think and rethink the way you present yourself to the world. Stacy London is a smart and highly educated woman. She set her career path along a road less traveled by  other Vassar graduates;  She shares her own very personal struggles alongside those of the women she helps to start over (not just) style-wise, and does so candidly and with great insight into the way women think and the traps into which they fall—these things affect appearances, of course, but a lot more than that. Stacy London sympathizes, empathizes, and gives these women a self-esteem lifeline. London is part of the self-discovery process and goes through her own journey which she shares in the last chapter.

Stacy London’s writing style is unmistakable, for better and for worse. I’m the last one who can complain or judge considering my own idiosyncrasies that run rampant on this blog, but I could live without seeing “totes adorbs” in print. Language quirks aside, the book is full of quotable bits, common sense, and style wisdom.  I’ve found myself several times wishing I could give a copy to several individuals who are in dire need of an intervention, yet are extremely resistant to change because they see themselves “above it”.

Should you read Stacy London’s Truth even if you feel that you've found your sweet style spot and regularly get compliments on your appearance? Yes, I think it still holds value, especially if you like people-watching and trying to guess the story behind their sartorial choices. Also, it’s a great book if you’re even a little fond of makeovers, of Stacy London or of thinking about clothes. If you or someone near and dear are having a disconnect between the way you feel and what your clothes project, this book might give you the push or the way to reach out to that person.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended, even if you already know what not to wear.

Stacy London- The Truth About Style ($19.40 on Amazon) is available now in hardcover. 


  1. I'm so glad you did a review of this book. I really loved it and was thrilled to find out more about London on a personal level. There's a lot of compassion in this book, and I think it would make a great Christmas present.

  2. I like the direction their show has taken in recent episodes. While they are very careful to state that they are NOT therapists both she and Clinton have gotten off the Snark-o-Wheel and have started to really work WITH their people, giving them much-needed personal support as well as fashion support. Not always a fan of the end result (they took one wacky-dressing young woman, whose husband was in a BAND, for pete's sake, kept straightening her hair..and essentially turned her into his mother)....but I think they do good work overall.

    But you asked about the book: I doubt it. I'm too busy trying to read the pile of books I already have!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely try to get this one!


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