Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's In My Travel Baggie?

Do you remember the time when air travel was glamorous? I don't. The Pan Am era was long before my time, but I do remember the days when flying wasn't such an inconvenience ordeal. The days before the clear travel baggie.



I've packed and repacked my TSA-approved bag a couple of times, adding and removing items. I try to be well-prepared for long flights and make sure my face will not shrivel and die. I also try to not look scary when landing, especially when there are loved ones waiting there, hence various forms of intense moisturizers. I was quite amused a few months ago when Lisa Eldridge filmed her own in-flight routine. It was good to see that I'm not alone in primping and slathering on the plane. We even share a few favorite products (my hair cream is Phyto 9 while hers is the 7, and I'm taking Koh Gen Doh spa water instead of Bioderma, simply because I have in travel size bottles).

As for a quick pre-landing makeup, I keep it simple: a liquid concealer (Smashbox), mascara (whatever I have in sample size), Edward Bess Compact Rouge and lip gloss, both for a natural flush.

What's in your travel baggie?

For more travel packing see also my brush roll and makeup train case.

Images at the top: A Canadian Pacific Airlines stewardess, 1968, via, and Ski pack, Vogue (1937), via Corbis.


  1. Oh boy! You bet I remember and with great fondness. It was before everyone except for myself wore jeans hanging way too low. I can remember in the 60s, getting on the plane and always dressing in a suit, heels and gloves, always having a cigarette and always having a drink. It felt so glamourous. Before I was of age, but still in the era, I remember going to The Biltmore and meeting under The Clock for martini's. Those were the days ... days when one did not know that smoking was bad for you. I am grateful that I quit when I was 30. Thanks for a glimpse into the past.

  2. A spray lavender hydrosol, lipstick and peppermint infused (by myself) clear lipgloss. I always bring good meals for the two of us.

  3. Flying during the 50's and into the 60's was a hat and glove affair even when just taking the shuttle from LA to "The City" (San Francisco). As soon as the car pulled up to the curb, there was someone there to unload your bags and take them to check-in for you. From that moment on, you felt like you were in a world of privilege, curtesy, and refinement. My generation became jet setters for good reason--flying was truly an exciting event. It was easy, convenient, reasonably inexpensive, and the service was always the very best. Sigh . . . Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. There is usually a certain amount of inconvenience, annoyance, and rudeness from employees and fellow travelers. Flying is no longer that special event to be enjoyed. It is simply a way to get from A to B and, hopefully, without much hassle. As for beauty products, I travel with my Jack Black serum which is very moisturizing, a good multi-purpose cream to seal it in, Josie Maran cleansing wipes to freshen up, and a simple palette along the lines of Edward Bess' Back to Basics. I'm pretty low maintenance on board. It's not like there is any paparazzi waiting for me! LOL. During the flight I always make it a point to sip water throughout the flight and to get up and walk around periodically.

  4. I sleep. That's the best beauty ritual of all. I wear no makeup, save a touch of tinted moisturizer and lip gloss and eyebrows, so as not to scare the children. The minute we taxi down the runway I am zonked OUT! Then, when we land I go straight to the terminal bathroom and use a wetwipe (I love lavender-scented ones) to get the airplane/sleep ick off my face, then I put on some Prescriptives solid foundation (in the compact), clean brows and a bit of mascara. Real lipstick. And I'm done.


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