Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils: Quince, Rhubarb, Cranberry, Madeira


Let's be clear: I dearly hope that you're not about to do a last minute mad dash to Sephora for that one gift you forgotten, but if you really have to do it, these High Pigment Pencils from Bite Beauty are not a bad idea at all. Additionally, a few weeks ago when I reviewed the very mediocre Clinique Chubby Lip Pencils I commented that there are much better options available. Bite lip pencils were on top of my mind, having just gotten this cute set. Now, I don't remember if this was a GWP, a point-redeeming thing, or if I picked it as an after-thought on my way to the register at the store, but the set of mini crayons itself was a limited time offer. However, full size pencils of these four shades are part of the Bite Beauty lineup (including Cranberry, which was for a while listed as a limited edition).

The people of Bite Beauty weren't kidding about the high pigment. The dark shades are intensely pigmented and leave a long-lasting stain that survives a cup of tea and a snack. The texture is feather-light (compare to the waxy feel of the Chubby Sticks), and as long as one's lips are in decent shape there's no drying effect. As a matter of fact, from my experience with Bite's lipsticks I'm willing to accept their claim that
This product is free of synthetics, polybutenes, and petroleum byproducts and made exclusively with lip nurturing food-grade ingredients that are healthy enough to eat.
The colors you see here are Quince (more of a raspberry, actually), Rhubarb (a plum rose, my absolute favorite that I will need a full size soon), Cranberry (a red berry, leans towards purple on very pigmented lips), and Madeira (a nice nude that I like as a base under a red or purple gloss). All of them are wearable and will flatter a wide range of faces. If I had to choose one it's obviously Rhubarb, which is more or less my everyday color.

Bottom Line: probably best in class.

 Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils ($24 each for the full size version) are exclusive to Sephora, online and in-store.


  1. I am currently way too in love with my burgeoning collection of Nars Velvet Mattes to even look at anything else, but these look nice too :).

  2. I bought these to put into gift mixes but ended up keeping half for myself. lol Then I bought another one for my sister. They are great.

  3. I so totally got these and love them!! They are easy to carry around, although I want to carry the whole tin with me LOL. Great post and review


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