Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Thoughts- Midwinter Edition

1. Charlestongirl of Best Things In Beauty is a much braver soul than me. I avoid the malls like the plague from November to mid-January, but she visited her local Neiman Marcus and found Chanel spring 2014 collection, Notes du Printemps, already at the counter. Spring collections used to come out in February. It's not even Christmas now, yet here it is. Why? What's the  rush? As for the collection itself, I'm kind of yawning here, but that's been my reaction to Chanel lately. I counted five limited edition collections that are offered this very moment on Chanel website (not including this new spring one), and too many of the colors and items are pretty redundant if you're not a collector (I'm not). Whatever.

2.  what you see above is a music box with a Baccarat mini chandelier that serve as the packaging for a limited edition bottle of Lancome La Vie est Belle. Someone at Lancome decided that the best thing you can do with $35,000 is to buy this crap. Someone there also wrote this:
(click to enlarge)
I have no idea what it means. Nor do I understand who exactly is the target customer (I doubt Russian mobsters buy Lancome for their girlfriends. That's what Guerlain is for). I'll take my 35K and finish the basement.

3. Last week HBO gave the world a lesson in creative marketing, use of social media, and respecting your audience. They declared Thursday as #roastJoffrey day and invited the world to insult the creepy bastard currently occupying the Iron Throne. Instead of griping about unauthorized use of their copyrighted images, HBO asked everyone to go ahead and have fun. And they did. 2.9 million people participated. I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

Photos of birds in our backyard during the storm taken by the husband.


  1. Wow. The whole Lancome thing is just incredible - utterly farcical. Astonishing to think how many people were complicit in putting all of that together. Surely they couldn't all have agreed with it and those that didn't - how did they keep a straight face at work each day? The whole situation and the production team that thought it up and executed it - it just begs to be lampooned . Would love to see what a writer like Dawn French or Ricky Gervais would do with it.
    Love the photos of the birds.

  2. I saw the Lancome Feerique (whatever feerique means) online on the Neiman Marcus site and I still don't know what it is. I was telling my fiancé about it and I was like, "There is this case thing that I think plays music with a bottle of perfume in it that has a chandelier hanging over it for 35,000 dollars." And he said, "Huh?" Yup, enough said.

  3. While I do like the perfume, I'd rather buy a car instead for 35,000

  4. The higher-ups in Lancome must've downed one too many cups of eggnog. Julia Roberts' "irresistible smile"? Really, Lancome? The last time I've seen that many teeth was when Bruce the Great White Shark flashed his pearly whites in "Finding Nemo".


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