Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Profumum- Eccelso

Eccelso by Profumum is supposedly a masculine fragrance, and I sort of get it during the first few minutes I wear it. The spice and bergamot opening conjure a familiar  and classic "men's cologne" effect, well-done but not exactly unique, and I admit that if I were trying it casually at the store I'd have probably moved on before anything else had a chance to develop. And it would have been completely and utterly my loss.

As Eccelso unfolds it becomes a smooth patchouli and sandalwood perfume. The equivalent of the most luxurious cashmere sweater imaginable. There are other things going on there: balsamic resins, a slightly smoky labdanum, but to me this is mostly about velvety and cozy sandalwood darkened with patchouli that is neither dusty nor earthy, just warm and soft. I'd wear it on a snow day (and night) when you stay home and it's just you, the cat, and a book. I'd also like to be wrapped and snuggles in a man's coat by a man who smells of Eccelso. Both scenarios seem like the start of a promising scenario.

I don't wear "masculine" perfumes to be different and subversive any more than I wear "feminine" ones to be pretty. I wear the things I like and that smells good on my skin. Very often these are dark/dry/woody/bitter/patchoulified fragrances that are marketed for men. I don't think it matters as long as the result is the deep satisfaction born of smelling something good and knowing that it's me

Notes: bergamot, nutmeg, magnolia, Mysore sandalwood, musk, patchouli, labdanum resin.

Profumum- Eccelso ($280, 100ml EDP) is available from Osswald and Luckyscent.

Photos of Jane Russell via doctormacro.com.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your word "patchoulified." Sounds like something a Southerner, like me, would say. May I borrow it? PATCHOULIFIED !!!!! Fabulous...

  2. This sounds gorgeous and am wondering how I've failed to sample it. Very glad you've reviewed it. I tend to really like Profumum's masculine scents (their Santalum in both versions is one of my all time favorite sandalwood scents and I even loved Fumidus for a couple of years until suddenly, mystifyingly, it no longer seems to work with my skin chemistry - am hoping this will not last).


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