Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Lancome Black Lapis Le Crayon Khôl

You may remember these photos of Jennifer Hudson sporting some serious blue eye makeup by Lancome. I told I was going to get both the sapphire blue Artliner (which I'll show you tomorrow once I re-shoot some photos) and the Black Lapis Le Crayon Khôl you see here.

Le Crayon Khôl by Lancome is a classic eyeliner pencil. You probably have the black one in your makeup arsenal or had it in the past. We already know that Lancome pencil might not be the most pigmented option around, but their longevity and texture are incredibly reliable, and they're gentle on the waterline. Black Lapis fits right in. The color intensity can be built if so desired, and I find that going over the waterline twice is enough with this color. Black Lapis with it's dark teal color is very flattering against brown eyes and olive skin (and obviously also on Jennifer Hudson's much darker features). It's dark enough to provide a good contrast and definition but doesn't make my skin look tired (which can happen sometimes when wearing black).

I wore Lancome Black Lapis both with the bright blue Artliner (though I drew a less dramatic thinner line), as well as on its own with a neutral gray eye shadow. I loved both options and the versatility this color provides. Le Crayon Khôl is pretty easy to smudge (without getting everywhere, which is a big plus), so it can also be the base of a statement smoky eye (use with a matching eye shadow such as Kjaer Weis Blue Wonder)

Bottom Line: this one will be used down to a nub within a year.

Lancome Black Lapis Le Crayon Khôl ($26) is available at the counters, Ulta, Sephora, and from lancome.com.

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  1. This is one of my top 3 blue liners of all time, the texture and color are perfect and it's non-irritating to my sensitive eyes. I love this paired with bronze shadow for summer or a taupe for a more office friendly look.


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