Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cat (Or Two) Of The Day

I was testing the light for some makeup and swatch photos, but Josephine and Lizzy  had other ideas and kept finding themselves in front of the lens. I figured you wouldn't mind too much.


  1. OMG. Of course they wanted to be photographed - heart meltingly perfect faces and those incredibly intelligent, expressive eyes!
    Thanks for posting them. Was needing something to make me smile. DH has one of our children at the vet at the moment and he's been calling me to have me listen to her operatic cries of despair over being there. Sob! Can't wait for her to be back home.

  2. Too adorable...I haven't been able to wrap my Christmas gifts yet because the cats sit on the paper, the scissors, the tape, and my hands...all the while nudging and purring.

  3. Aww so pretty! I love cat photos. :)

  4. Really great photos! More please ......


  5. Such beautiful green eyes! How is Bob doing?

  6. Actually, cat pictures have healing powers to me. Thanks! Just what I needed after a very very terrible morning.

  7. Sweet! Thank you for sharing pictures of your furr babies. Made my day!

  8. They are some adorable little kitties!!


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