Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Agraria Balsam Candle

We're having a second round of Polar Vortex this week and I have more than enough reasons to be completely and utterly not amused. But I'm trying to make the best of it, so tonight I'm making the most sinful version of mac&cheese and maybe brownies, if I decide to really live dangerously. But it's cozy inside, thanks to various cuddly cats and to a perfect candle: Agraria Balsam. Balsam was the first scent released by Agraria and it comes in various formats for home and body (including a cologne spray). I've gone through several diffusers in Balsam a couple of years ago, but the candle is even more effective for creating a non-world-hating atmosphere.

The weather outside is frightful

Bob in his favorite chair
 The throw of this Agraria candle is very impressive, and it can be smelled throughout the house. Burning time is excellent as I've barely made a dent. The scent itself says "winter", but I wouldn't mind smelling it all year. Notes are sweet balsam, California redwood, sage, and white flowers. I definitely get the sage which works well with the burning wood. It's not exactly campfire-like, more like a fireplace in a very nice and good smelling house. Have I mentioned cozy?

Bottom line: lovely. Even Bob says so.

Agraria Balsam Candle ($35-$55) is available at select department stores and from agrariahome.com. The product for this review was sent for consideration.


  1. Love the smell of Agraria Balsam, but have never bought the candle (and wondering why). Such a great winter scent. Glad to know it has good throw. This will be my comfort purchase for the evening.
    I'm with you in not being at *all* pleased with this weather. And right now what is making me most unhappy is worrying about all the feral cats and other innocent creatures out there. All our now very contented, exclusively indoor cats were once feral and it makes me boundlessly happy to know I have them safe and protected inside tonight, but my heart is breaking for all the others out there tonight - not just around here, but everywhere this horrible system is hitting. DH always tells me that I can't rescue every single cat in the universe and my head knows he's right, but my heart? No. Logic isn't working for my heart and how I feel about cats.
    Thanks for posting that picture of Bob - warm domestic bliss. Makes me smile.

  2. The Balsam scent is the best. The incense is great too. I'd love to know if anyone anyone can recommend a scent like it. I tried the room spray on myself, but it wasn't the same. Their lemon verbena is perfect in the summer

  3. Bob looks totally blissed out.

  4. Bob definitely seems to approve!


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