Monday, January 06, 2014

NARS Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Here's a first look at what NARS is offering us for spring. It's all about bold colors and an interesting contrast between violet and peach. I'm especially excited about a new Multiple, Na Pali Coast, described as a "shimmering rose peach", and the two very bright Larger Than Life eye pencils. The parrot green and metallic aquamarine shades sing about tropical destinations where it's warm and wonderful.

The two eye shadow duo have an iridescent finish. I'm curious to see them up close. The color themselves look sensational, but you know that I'm a sucker for a good turquoise.

I'm utterly over winter, in case you wondered, and the idea of two and half more months of this isn't making me too happy. But looking at the bright, bold and very NARS colors is a mood enhancer. The new collection will be available directly from on NARS January 15th, and will start arriving at the usual places February 1st.

All photos by NARS.


  1. Sooo tired of orange. When will this makeup scourge pass?

  2. No swatches? :(

    1. This is just the press release. I'll swatch as soon as I get my hands on the products.


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