Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clayspray- White Clay with Aloe Vera Masque & H2O Spray

A couple of months ago I mentioned that one of my favorite skin savers is a French green clay powder that you mix with water and apply as a mask. It's a great and effective product, but it does require some tinkering, a small mixing bowl, and doing some cleanup when you're done. It's also not something you necessarily want to pack for a family vacation and such. Which is why I was very intrigued by the concept of Clayspray: a white clay mask that comes as an emulsion in a small spray bottle with a pump mechanism similar to a shaving cream. This means not just easy dispensing but also reasonable air-tightness that protects the mask from air and prevents premature drying.

Clayspray contains 65% white clay from the Irene Mine in Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. Why that particular clay or why Spain? I have no idea. There are many clay sources around the world, each rich in its particular regional minerals, so why not? The other day I watch an episode of Shark Tank where a woman from Alaska tried to get a deal for her line of Alaskan Glacial Mud (she failed, but her products are now at CO Bigelow and can also be purchased from Amazon. I'm intrigued). So, yes, this is Spanish clay.

Clayspray is easy to use: you dampen your skin (as you can see in the photo above, Clayspray also offer a water spray enriched with green tea), pump a bit of the clay and slather it all over your face. The mask dries quickly, and when you're done it's easy to remove either by washing it off, or as I prefer: with a warm wet washcloth.

The results are excellent. The mask leaves the skin feeling calm and very soft-- like after a professional facial. The clay helps to get rid of dead skin cells and various impurities, and is soothing for redness. If you're a fan of mud and clay masks Clayspray is worth trying.

The packaging and the spray pump are Clayspray's biggest selling point but are also a disadvantage, because dry clay clogs and gets stuck in the pump, making subsequent uses far less easy and smooth. I need to unclog the nozzle with warm water, and with every use (I've had the spray for nearly a month now) the pump gets more stubborn. I can't tell you if it's the same case with the full size bottle (the press sample was 30ml, while full size is 125ml), but if that's the case it can get even more annoying over time.

As for the toning H20 spray, it's not exactly a must-have. I'm a fan of face mists, especially when they come in a small travel-friendly bottle as did the press sample (the full size one is 125 ml so it doesn't comply with TSA regulation). It is a handy product if you're a regular user of mists, but I can't say that the alleged green tea in it adds any real benefit.

Bottom Line: I'll use it to the last drop.

Clayspray- White Clay with Aloe Vera Masque ($59.95 ) and  Comfort H2O with Green Tea Mineral Water Spray ($23.95) are available from , Anthropology, and This review is based on press samples sent by PR.

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