Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Mani-Pedi: Foot & Hand Scrubs

This is kind of a preview for a few posts about home manicure and pedicure. There'll be some demystifying, some practical advice and several product recommendations, but today we're looking at some foot and hand scrubs, which are perhaps my favorite part of the process:

  • H2O+ Targeted Case Pumice Foot Scrub. This is exactly what I think of in terms of "foot scrub": a cooling (menthol is one one of the ingredients), reasonably abrasive (made with pumice sand particles), and effective. A squeeze tube is an ideal packaging that you can easily keep in the shower. $15, press sample.
  • Gena  Likepumice. This is a weird one and deserves a separate review. You squeeze out the mousse, rub it into your feet and it makes dry dead skin melt away. Not for everyone, but I kind of like it. I think. $13, but sold for less on Amazon.
  • Gena Pedi Warm Scrub. I hoped it would be more warming. This is a thick paste that somehow gets everywhere (including on cats), adequately scrubbing and noticeably softening. $7.29 at Sally Beauty.
  • Barielle 60 Second Mani-Pedi. Sea salt in a mix of various good-for-you oils. A very effective treatment but leaves a stubborn orange tint on skin, which is why I don't use it on my hands, only on feet (and wearing gloves). Overpriced at $25.
  • L'Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub. Sugar suspended in shea butter and other nice oils, this is my current favorite. Incredibly softening and luxurious. I wish it came in huge tubs. $22, press sample.

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  1. That L'Occitane scrub is the best. My Mom spent most of December in the hospital (luckily she was released on the 23rd), and I got her a big pile of luxurious bath and body products for Christmas - she really needed some pampering. The One Minute Hand Scrub is her favourite. I saw her yesterday, and she was like, "feel how soft my hands are because of that stuff you gave me!" I have a feeling this might become a perennial Xmas/birthday/mothers day gift. -Karen


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