Friday, May 14, 2010

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color- Bruised Plum

I usually take more time to review a lipstick- I prefer to test over several days, meals and weather conditions, but I've been getting so many emails and requests about the new Tom Ford lipsticks so here it is. I pre-ordered this one after a visit to the Tom Ford counter at the Saks 5th Avenue NYC store (my local Saks doesn't have Tom Ford). I swooned over the presentation box with all 12 shades though I could certainly live without Ford's oversexualized promotional image. Seriously, Tom, sometimes a lipstick is just a lipstick. And since your potential customers are ladies who know luxury and can afford $45 for one tube, maybe you should rethink how you approach them.

But all the Tom Fordiness aside, we are talking makeup here. The current colors go from the palest beige to deep brown. There are some Betty Draper worthy reds and several pinks. I tested a few and ended up with Bruised Plum, which as you can see is a red-based purple. It was the only one that really looked flattering on me. I certainly hope for more shades in the future.

The texture is very soft and smooth and the pigment is intense. Despite the softness and the comfortable feel of the lipstick it is not moisturizing, so I prefer to wear it over either Chantecaille or Sensai lip base. The color holds very well, doesn't transfer to my water bottle and stays on without feathering for several hours. I know there's a hint of shimmer in the tube, but it doesn't appear on the lips except as a hint of brightness. The look is actually almost matte after a few minutes, which adds to the drama and retro vibe.

Bottom line: Tom Ford is the only man who can make an Estee Lauder lipstick look and feel exciting.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks ($45) are available at select Tom Ford counters and online from Bergdorf Goodman.

All photos are mine.


  1. I love these - as well as the good qualities of the lipsticks themselves, I love the soft click when you close the lid. True Coral and Pure Pink are both beautiful brights that work well on my pale, high-contrast colouring.

    I couldn't agree more about the imagery - I hate that picture of a model virtually chewing one of the lipsticks, and find it crass.

    When I had a look at the counter, I also found that the formula doesn't do well when kept under the hot counter lights; it almost feels greasy when it's been overheated, which is a shame, because it's not a fair representation of the actual performance when kept at a reasonable temperature.

  2. The color is amazing, but which advantage does it offer which is more than other luxury lipsticks?

  3. I've got two: True Coral and Pink Dusk, and adore them both! Grace London and I have very different complexions, but we both love True Coral.

    I like this even better than Guerlain Rouge G. I just ignore the imagery--Tom Ford is a gay man, after all, and a bit over the top in his approach to sex.

  4. Yesterday, I tried every color of Tom Ford's new Private Blend Lip Color (on my arm, of course), including this one, which I was attracted to because it's plum. There wasn't a single one I wanted! My favorite sales rep wasn't enamored either. Most of the shades were too dark or too bright and definitely too opaque for me. There is a nude color (two actually, I think), but too light and not distinctive.

    Even Pure Pink was way too bright for me. I feel like I'm playing dress-up in those colors.

    I'm going to save a bunch of money, since I won't be spending $45 a pop!

  5. Love the packaging (love all Ford's packaging) and love his insistence on quality and luxe, but really? $45 for a lippie? Can't go there. I need that money for shoes.

  6. Joli ! Couleur pour que hiver et voient.Bises . Elisabeth

  7. I came of age during the sexual revolution of the sixties so I'm far from prudish, but I find Mr. Ford's sexploitation rather clumsy. I think we'd all agree that an integral part of Mr. Ford's creative genius is his understanding of sensuality on many different levels, but this particular campaign is just downright sophomoric: lips, lipstick = labia, penis. OK, we get it Mr. Ford. Now, can we get back to the business of what makes your new lipstick so special? After all, sometimes a lipstick is just a lipstick.


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