Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alyssa Milano- Three Makeup Looks

If you're watching the current season of Project Runway All Stars you get to see a very pregnant Alyssa Milano rocking bold and fun fashion, and usually some very bad makeup (I'm guessing that this is what happens when the show is sponsored by Mary Kay). In the time between taping the show and now, Alyssa has already given birth and has returned to the red carpet for various events. Over the last few days we got to see  her in three very different makeup looks.

The one above from the 'Into The Woods' World Premiere is rather heavy (dark lips, smoky eyes), but I think it works with the color of her dress and ensures that the actress doesn't look washed out (we have very similar skin tones, so I know the perils).  Below are two other looks. In the first one, at last week's  March of Dimes' Celebration of Babies the eye makeup is toned down and dearly missing a liner. I'm not sold on the orange lipstick, though it's an interesting contrast for her Peter Pilotto dress:

Then there's my favorite look, Alyssa Milano arriving for The Opening Night of 'Elephant Man' on Broadway. Rosy lips and a more balances eye makeup with a bit more liner, and what appears as a hint of bronzed cheeks:

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I am not fond of the orange lipstick either but she has a lovely shaped mouth !

  2. I like the first look best, it does appeal to my inner goth/fairy tale princess but I do like the pink lip in the last photo. The top dress...the bust support looks painful although I think I'd like the bra she is using. :)

  3. The last look is my favourite too. Kudos for noticing the first look; my eyes were nailed about 20cm lower down. Mostly though, I am just super happy to see an actress around my own age who still looks like herself; who hasn't had herself nipped, tucked and injected to hell and gone and certainly beyond any recognition. Though her face does not look as lively in the last pic...she wouldn't have, would she????

  4. i like the first and third looks. the second one is okay, but a little washed out for her. good daytime look, though. she is quite pretty, and it's nice to see her playing with her look. in the third pic, she reminds me a lot of brenda vaccaro! they could be family.


  5. I'm not sure why, but I do like the 3rd look the best. Too shiny in the 1st look. Her hair doesn't look very nice in the 2nd - bad hair day? It looks great in the 1st and the 3rd look. It's nice to see her!

  6. I love the third look the best - she has delicate features and I think less makeup makes her look youthful. That pink lip has me looking forward to Spring already!


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