Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Want: Enamel Rose Earrings

This is more of a theoretical want because first I need to check if this earrings fit in those pierced-to-clips convertors (some do, some don't), but look how pretty are these handmade sterling silver and cold enamel roses. They come from a Turkish jeweler on Etsy that offers a large selection of interesting items. Actually, the collection could have used some editing, but there are enough covetable items, such as stacked rings, hand-hammered crescent moon necklaces and the various rose-shaped jewelry, enameled and not.

The earrings above are $65 from Meltemsen on Etsy. As always, the link is here for your convenience only, and I'm not connected, affiliated or compensated for it in any way.


  1. So pretty! Indeed my eyes are wider than my wallet. lol I'm always impressed at the really beautiful items I find on Etsy.

  2. These are so pretty! The jewelry makers in Turkey are creating some really beautiful things. (Plus, if you are going to Istanbul and have any pieces that need repairing or altering - clip ons to pierced - you can get it done reasonably at the Grand Bazaar

  3. FYI - another reason to love you - I'm a clip girl too! (I find vintage stores have beautiful collections)


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