Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gucci Spicy Petal Face Sheer Blushing Powder

I'm somewhat of two minds about this Gucci Face Sheer Blushing Powder in Spicy Petal. It's a pretty color that goes well with the brown lipstick trend of this season and adds a little warmth to winter skin. The texture of this Gucci blush is very soft and silky (incredibly easy to blend), the finish is smooth with no shimmery particles--- what's not to like?  But there's something about the packaging of this particular item that bugs me. Yes, it comes in a black velveteen pouch embossed with the Gucci logo, but that doesn't make up for the crooked sticker on the back or for the horrible cheap and scratchy brush that comes in the compact (why bother?).

Gucci Face Sheer Blushing Powder is made in Italy for P&G Prestige (the company that holds the Gucci makeup license). I feel that for the price and for the label they should have made an effort to make the compact and its presentation look and feel truly luxurious (it works for most of the Gucci eye shadow packaging I saw). Maybe I'm just not completely wowed by the color and its pigment saturation (moderate), so that affects the way I feel about the blush.

Bottom Line: no wow factor.

Gucci Spicy Petal Face Sheer Blushing Powder ($49) is available at Saks and Neiman Marcus.

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