Sunday, December 21, 2014

Currently- December 2014

Jojo Moyes- One Plus One. A truly nice story that doesn't insult one's intelligence, provides well-written characters, and a believable plot.

Phosphorescent- Song For Zula

Elementary. Forget lizard-faced Cumberbatch. Johnny Lee Miller is the real Sherlock.

Anything and everything by Alexis Karl.

Red blush. 'Tis the season.

Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
A very large and thick cream colored cable knit cashmere scarf that I bought about ten years ago and has paid itself off tenfold.

This post on The Alembicated Genie. Also, this one by Kafkaesque.

Fruit. I'm craving the juiciest, sweetest fruit.

The package I sent for my father's birthday is still stuck somewhere in postal hell, nine days later. Needless to say it was mailed express.

A day of antiquing in the Hudson Valley, walking through very very light snow (umbrella not needed) on a beautifully decorated main street that looks like a Christmas movie. A salty caramel latte. And acquiring some vintage perfume in the process.

A staycation, like every Holiday season.

A pair of Hermes gloves.

Random Thought
The Solstice. It's uphill from now on.

How are you? Please share your loves, banes, recommendations, and random thoughts!


  1. Book
    Diana Vreeland - Empress of Fashion by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

    Grizzly Bear: Shields

    Last Tango in Halifax (+ BBC Sherlock on DVD, once again)

    Have worn Encre Noire, CdG2 and Sugi for work, but for Christmas it's time for Arabie!

    Have an utterly unexpected fascination for pink lipsticks (OK, maybe "pink-red" or "pink coral" would be more precise), I've always found them scary and unbecoming, but recently learned that it's all about finding the right shade. I found MAC Relentlessly Red and La Vie en Rouge, in a big way.

    Frequently worn item
    Cashmere jumpers I bought when in Edinburgh two years ago.

    Beetroots, carrots, blue cheese, chocolate...

    Christmas/New Year holiday, I've been working (and studying) a lot this year, so a little break will be most welcome.

  2. TV: You mentioned Elementary - isn't Sherlock in that series progressing nicely? However, I'm not sure about the addition of Kitty and where she is going with the story.

    Perfume: Frapin 1270 (the older version - I read somewhere that it might have been reformulated).

    Food: Pears! The fresh pears at the supermarket are cheaper than the apples right now and I am buying them every time I go to the grocery.

  3. Glad you're back! Hope everything is fine!!
    Book: none right now actually..
    Music: 80s pop!
    TV: Downton abbey
    Perfume: anything Mona
    Food: Steamed vegetables, cheese platters, and Red Velvet as guilty pleasure!
    Joy: health and happiness for the new year!
    Happy holidays!

  4. Book
    I'm in the middle of so many books right now, I can't even begin to list them. And I have a huuuuge backlog of new things to read. I just ordered "The Compassionate Mind" by Gilbert Paul on recommendation by Nick G.

    Lots of brass. Lots and lots of brass.

    I don't watch TV, remember? =)

    Sarrasins. Everything is Sarrasins, although today I'm wearing that Ragbha that everyone online is nuts about. I don't get it. It's a tolerable vanilla. But barely.

    Plum and purple lips. NARS Dominique is my new holy grail ugly-hot lipstick.

    Frequently Worn Item/Outfit
    All of the boots/booties. Drapey sweaters over skinny jeans.

    Ramen and pho, since it's cold and soup comforts all. Also, red wine. And nachos.

    The holidays, endless drama, dry but clogged skin - I need a facial!!!

    My friends, long nights of cuddles, and shopping.

    Being off on Christmas Day to decompress. And my annual Christmas Eve dinner with my best friend from college. I love him dearly, and we've been doing this since we were freshmen! We pig out all night, and then drink until midnight.

    I can't write it here, but I think you know, sigh.

    Random Thought
    Why did I want an iced coffee today when it's so cold out?!

  5. Book: Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming. Highly recommend the audiobook version.
    Music: Daft Punk, of all things. It peps me up when the holiday stress gets to me.
    TV: Californication (binge-watching on Netflix)
    Perfume: DSH vanilla scents for everyday; Bal a Versailles at home.
    Frequently worn: cashmere sweaters
    Food: Mostly beans & rice. I'm getting bored and need to find a good vegan cookbook.
    Makeup: I finally found a bronzer that works for me, and it's from Lancome (Sunkissed). Pleasantly surprised.
    Bane: NONE of my Christmas packages have been delivered and ALL were sent next-day air. I'm getting nervous!
    Joy: Being off work this week, finally.
    Anticipation: the new year (I'm with you on welcoming the Solstice)
    Wishlist: a new coat.

    1. Hi Bettina,
      I'm 70 and work out to Daft Punk! LOL One More Time, Around the World, Harder Better Faster Stronger really get my heart pumping :-)

    2. I love it, Eileen! I'm 50 and there isn't a lot of "new" music that I enjoy. But there's just something about Daft Punk!

  6. Happy to see you're back, very unusual not see any posts for so long.
    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

    Music : old "kleinkunst" music (local not worth mentioning names I guess)

    FW-Outfit - old Van Noten cream sweater

    Perfume : vintage hunting also very sucessfull lately (Fidji from the seventies, old Opium extrait, some Yardley Old Fern soap,.. More recent joy Casbah by Piguet

    TV : got a Netflix subscription and oh boy ; Penny Dreadfull, Hannibal the Series, ...serial watching, really MUST-GET-OUT - OF - THE- SOFA!!
    Food ; oysters and Salmon, hey it's practically Christmas and I really need the Omega 3 &6

    Have a wonderfull and soft snowy rest of the week and do tell us what you found during the vintage perfume hunt.


  7. Book: Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

    Music: Beethoven overtures

    TV: Elementary. I laughed when I read your description of "lizard-faced" Cumberbatch, Gaia. I'm with you--Johnny Lee Miller is the perfect Sherlock for a modern day. I don't care much for "Kitty" though and hope the introduction of her character is not a prelude to Lucy Liu leaving the show. Where would Sherlock be without his Doctor Watson?

    Perfume: This week it's been Guerlian's beautiful Liu.

    Makeup: Chanel Tissé Paris, Ardoise, Jardin de Camélia, and Étourdie. For evening, I add a bit of Camélia de Plumes.

    Frequently Worn: Big, soft, fluffy socks whenever I'm at home.

    Food: I baked Büche de Noél for the solstice and now I have to come up with something to top it for Christmas.

    Joy: Playing with the dogs between spurts of holiday shopping.

    Anticipation: My sons and their ladies and their dogs in residence for the holidays. I'm deeply honored that they like to spend the holidays in our home.

    Wishlist: Nothing on a list, but a wish for all of you is that 2015 finds you in a "No Bane Zone"!

    Random Thought: There is a Japanese proverb that says, "One kind word can warm three winter months." As we enter winter, I hope you''ll all take time to share kind words with those you love, gentle words that will warm their hearts and yours. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  8. Book - Re-reading War and Peace - the Russian warhorses are awesome for Winter when it's dark at 5
    Music - Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and weirdly, Hatsune Miku
    TV - Homeland! The best season yet. Brody who?
    Make-up - more like make-up remover for me - Tatcha cleansing oil discovered on this blog and I'm a believer
    Frequently worn outfit - selvedge jeans from Japan, vintage UGA t-shirt, birks w/ socks, canvas J Crew jacket, and a rotation of checked Cambodian kramas
    Food - navy bean soup and cinnamon bread (not together)
    Bane - my neighbor neglects her animals and rages when I interfere which is constantly
    Joy - my cats Bandit, Mrs. Robinson, and Moondoggie are happy and healthy
    Anticipation - finishing War and Peace, writing a new project, improving my Spanish
    Wishlist - for Tessie (neighbor's cat) to improve, a new paint job for my place, more rain for SoCal
    Perfume - Timbuktu for day - vintage Zibeline Secret de Venus for very special nights when the temp dips below 50

  9. I was shocked to see that we were reading the same book! Just finished One Plus One and thought it was very sweet!

    Happy Holidays! I love your blog and read it faithfully each time you post!


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