Thursday, December 04, 2014

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited PK 70C & RD 20 C

These two Shu Uemura lip glosses were gifts with various purchases (hence the travel size), and to be honest, I was rather shocked to see the $25 price tag of the full size product. It's not that shu's Gloss Unlimited is a bad product, but it's barely a makeup product. As you can see in the swatches above, I had to glooop a good amount on my wrist just to make the colors show and prove that there is a difference between the two outside the tube. Because when I put them on in a reasonably even light coat you cannot tell I'm wearing anything but a very shiny balm.

The goopiness is also an issue. On one hand it creates a very good and effective briar between the lips and the freezing cold New York air (I wore them last week the day it alternated between snow and ice pelts). It's also hydra-plumping, which is a nice effect. But no matter how little I apply, the gloss feels very heavy on my lips. Extremely heavy, actually, which in 2014 when there are so many lightweight formulas to choose from is unacceptable from a premium brand such as Shu Uemura.

RD 20 C looks fabulous in the tube, and I hoped to get that "just bitten" effect from the sheer red color, but as I said above: nada.   PK 70C is a little more opaque, but you can only tell if you really coat your lips persistently. It's a pretty pink color if it shows on you, but who has such colorless, bloodless lips (other than corpses, and I'm pretty sure morticians don't invest in Shu Uemura).

Bottom Line: a dated formula and sub-par pigmentation. Pass.

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited PK 70C & RD 20 C ($25 each) are available from

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  1. I really enjoy your honesty. Thanks for the review!

    I also received four travel size glosses and while i liked the extreme shine, it was WAY too sticky and gloopy for my liking!


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