Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

I have a soft spot for Bobbi Brown makeup brushes, probably since they were the most beautiful and luxurious looking ones in my collection for years. Some of my older Bobbi Brown brushes have been reworked (for the better) or discontinued and replaced with other shapes and sizes, but I still cherish the ones I have, and occasionally add a new one to the stable. Like the recently-launched Full Coverage Face Brush.

I knew I wanted this brush the second I saw it. The shape is unique enough among my face brushes (imagine that): medium length, very densely packed soft synthetic bristles, shaped into a nice curve resembling Kabuki brushes, and meant to provide full coverage no matter what foundation you're using: powder or liquid. It doesn't quite buff the product on ( a flat head is more of a buffing tool), but it's close. And, indeed, allows for full coverage of any part of the face you use it on.

LY34 is floppier and not as soft, Hakuhodo G527M is made of natural hair and meant to only be used with powders.

My personal preference is to use this Bobbi Brown brush with a powder foundation on areas I'm trying to even out, or all over for a flawless nighttime look, I've tried the Full Coverage Face Brush with various powder foundations (Dior, Bare Escentuals, Youngblood, Laura Mercier), and various liquid foundations (Lauder, Guerlain, YSL), all with good and solid results. It's one of those brushes that in smaller tool collections can become such a staple workhorse that one might find herself buying a couple of backups. for me it's become part of the rotation, and a much beloved one.

Bottom Line: an essential.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush ($42) is available at the counters, Sephora, and The brush comes wrapped in plastic but without a box and with no manufacturing details.


  1. That Bobbi Brown bush is lovely!!!

  2. Bobbi Brown brush is such a beauty. I think its really a great full coverage brush to try out.

  3. I enjoy this brush too; I got it specifically for my Laura Mercier and Nars powder foundations and it does exactly what I hoped.

  4. Dear Gaia,

    great review.
    could you maybe recommend some other brushes that would be good for aplying a powder foundation.

  5. This brush looks almost identical to my Sephora Pro Mineral Powder Brush 45, both the shape of the head and the ferrule. I agree with you that it works well with both liquid and powder foundations. Another use I have for it is for application of light coloured cream blushers, where there's no fear of packing on too much colour. It blends them beautifully.


  6. I love this brush - I use it to apply liquid foundation. It doesn't hurt that the brush looks good, feels great in my hand, and is a wonderful size for travel.


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