Monday, December 01, 2014

Bobbi Brown Scarlet Lip Gloss (Scotch On The Rocks Collection)

Scotch On The Rocks collection was the first Bobbi Brown release in a very long time that got me shopping. While I skipped the eye shadow palette for lack of interest, I did get the bronze highlighter and a bunch of lip products. Like this lip gloss in Scarlet.

Rich red lip glosses are among my most used makeup products and something I actually finish regularly, so Scarlet was a good pick. A very dark red (slightly more blood than cherry) with a great color/shine ratio and a good reliable formula that's not too sticky. There's a light vanilla scent that goes away quickly and enough pigment to leave a faint tint once the gloss wears off. I always liked Bobbi Brown's lip glosses and Scarlet is a good reminder why--- not a groundbreaking product, but something that looks and feels good, takes little space in my purse and is easy to touch-up.

Bottom Line: what else can you ask of a lip gloss?

Bobbi Brown Scarlet Lip Gloss ($25) is available at the counters and from

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  1. Color is nice but a bit pricey. I do like how it's not too gooey looking, Definitely need to try it out on my next counter visit.


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