Monday, October 01, 2007

Chunky Heels

Speaking of questionable heels (see previous post), a Bergdorf Goodman newsletter declared yesterday the return of chunky heels. It's not exactly a surprise: We've been seeing it on runways, and it can also be considered as part of the natural fashion cycle: The next logical step after the platform shoe.

Some of these are better than others (I'm quite fond of the ones by Kors, Fendi and the Yves Saint Laurent seen in the photo, but I could do without the duck beak toe.

Are you sending your stilettos to long term storage?


  1. Well, I like that big square toe box because it's comfortable, and retro in a granny way, but I admit it's not *the* most complimentary thing. Mostly the shoes I am truly loving are all the retro/vintage 30s/40s inspired (?) high heel mary janes -- chunky, curved heel, covered buttons or other retro detail, round toe box. I find them hugely comfortable and I can sprint after a kid if I have to. The stiletto I admire in theory (Stuart Weitzman always has a pair or two I covet) but my feet just can't take the drama anymore.

  2. Boys are lucky. I had to wear heels for a part in College (The drag queen in "Bent" and I just don't see how you girls do it.

    I don't care for the trees those YSL's are dependent from, but that's just me.

  3. I agree with the 'duck beak toe' definatly not flattering. Although I'm not fond of that Almond shape either... I'm definatly a pointy toe kinda gal.


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