Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Let's Talk About It (Ask The Non-Blonde)

Some of the latest crop of email I got is worth public discussion, for better and worse.

"I was going to buy a few items from Saks and get the GWP, but I've heard it's not available online. What's the story?"
J. from Columbus, Ohio

My reply: The Saks (not too impressive) GWP is most definitely available online when you use the code REELBEAUTY on any beauty and fragrance purchase over $100. I know it for sure as I've shopped and already received mine. What isn't available online is the special GWP from the individual brands. I can't say for sure that it's true for all brands, but according to Paul, the customer service rep, the Lancome gift is only available in store.

Like many of you, I find it quite irritating. The beautiful beauty event catalog lists all the brands that take part in the event and what they're giving (the Lancome one is by far the best), but nowhere in there do they say it's an in-store thing only. Since the catalog specifically tells you that you can shop online with the code, one would assume everything in there also valid online. More so if you remember last month's Neiman event: They extra gifts were sent to all qualified shoppers. There's nothing we can do except to remember it for the nest round in six months.

"Loved your green nail polish review. How did you like the other colors in the collection?"
Tonia, Michigan

My reply: The ones I've tried so far (other than Irene The Green) are Juno (dark purple) and Kamilah (bright red). I love the purple. It's another stunning color. However, I'd be careful about wearing it during the day, as it's much brighter than it looks online (or even in the bottle). It draws a lot of attention in broad daylight and under fluorescent lights. I'd save it for night, dates and holiday parties.
The red didn't agree with my skin tone. The color looked garish on my hands. It's much better suited for cool undertones. The quality in both cases is just as exceptional as with the green.

"You never updated us about your quest for the perfect serum. Are you still using the Super C from Remede?"
Kathy, Auburn, Maine

My Reply: I thought about trying a different one because of the horrible, spouting bottle. But my skin was so happy with this serum that I gave it another chance. The next bottle didn't do the fountain thing, though I still need to watch the nozzle and be careful while pumping. It's a shame that such a great product is so badly packaged, but I'm willing to forgive. The serum helps with discoloration, hyper-pigmentation and corrects minor skin flaws. I might not look like a photoshopped-to-perfection picture of Liv Tyler, but my skin is noticeably (to me) better.

"If this is a beauty blog, why do you spend so much time and space blogging about perfume? It's not that interesting."
Becca, UK

My Reply: I apologize for boring you. However, the blog is about any beauty, fashion or lifestyle subject that I find interesting. That's why I'm here, writing. While not all beauty bloggers are perfume enthusiasts, I am one. Perfume counters are to be found in the beauty departments of stores all over the world. The two are closely related, often manufactured by the same companies. Personal fragrance is part of the beauty and grooming routine of millions men and women. It's always been part of mine, so I intend to continue talking about it.


  1. It's a pity that like Becca there are people who are not interested in perfume. You do have a point that millions of others however enjoy it (hehe).

    To Becca: think about it that way ~ "perfume makes you beautiful even in the dark" ;-)

  2. You forgot "It's my blog, and I'll talk about fishing if I want to."

    Even beauty products can't help some people, but everyone can smell good with perfume. :)

  3. I disagree with Becca, as well. Please keep up all the posts about perfume; they're my favorite by far.

  4. I looove this blog, and your perfume writing is my favorite thing. There are lots of beauty blogs that only cover makeup; the ones that cover perfume are dear to my heart :).

  5. Helg- I'm always surprised to know how many people are not interested in perfume. They are missing one big pleasure.

    Kathy- I tried to avoid using that line, but you're right. The bottom line is exactly that: It's my blog and I'll spray with abandon if I want to ;)

    Stephanie- Thank you! I definitely plan to continue posting about perfume. I can't imagine it any other way.

    Anita- Thank you so much! The support is much appreciated. I love perfume and I enjoy sharing this love with those who appreciate it.

  6. Have you tried Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel. It's an odd product, like an antioxidant cocktail, but it wakes up tired skin so it may be a worthy consideration if you're a-questing for serums.

    Love your blog, too. : )


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