Thursday, October 04, 2007

Recent Sniffing

Not full reviews, because I didn't wear most of these for more than a day or two, usually for good reasons.

Racine (Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier)- This is one of their masculine scents, which indeed starts with the usual manly citrus that develops into a wood/vetiver combo. It's pleasant but predictable. The surprise was how late in the drydown (moderate sillage, lasts for eternity) it turned all Bandit on me, leather and that infamous note that we usually refer to as "hemp". Easier to wear than Bandit, that's for sure.

Chanel Chance-I've had the mini EdT for a couple of years; every time I've dug it up and gave it a try things went the same way: smelling the fruitiness, making a face (see image), holding breath, scrubbing off, still smelling fruit. Lather and rinse until all is gone. This week I decided to brave it and see what happens. I still dislike Chance, but eventually there's a drydown in which I get the faint whiff of something better and a hint that Chance might really be related to a few grown-up and quite decent perfumes.

Prada Infusion d'Iris- I like it. I really, really like it. But I have issues. Until that moment the the scent settles on me and does this pretty iris-woody thing, it plays hide and seek, and when it hides it feels like I'm not wearing anything. It's totally gone. My guess is that I'm anosmic to some important heart note. The sillage is minimal, which is another fact I'm not happy about and the lasting power questionable (two to three hours at most, no matter how much I soak my skin in jojoba oil). On top of that, Iris Taizo from Parfumerie Generale is prettier.

Bond no. 9 DNA For Her (Saks Exclusive)- Tom said that I would probably like this non-lethal white floral, and he was right. It doesn't have the tentacles of death that suffocate me in most Big Whites. Probably because it isn't Big. Yes, it's white and floral; it has jasmine, tuberose and gardenia. But the three sisters of doom are mellow, powdered with a layer of dusty earth, courtesy of the decidedly un-diva vetiver, and very wearable, even if it's not really me. My husband, though, didn't approve. It's too floral and ornamental for his taste.

D&G The One- This is the kind of synthetic fruity-floral crap that is going to kill mainstream perfumery. Surprisingly, it didn't cling to my skin for dear life, so I can't really call it a scrubber, as it was mostly gone by itself within 20 minutes and saved me some soap.


  1. Well, you know I like Bandit, so I think I'll save the cash on the Racine and just stick with that.

    Chance. Tennis anyone?

    Prada Id'I- you nailed it; Iris Taizo makes this irrelevant.

    Bond No 9- glad you liked it, but like me you weren't quite swept away (albeit for different reasons). I'm just glad they didn't add melon or guava or "clean laundry" in there to please the kiddies. They deserve an award for that alone!

    Now that you have warned me I can steer well clear of D&G The One, unless I am in a really grinchy mood one day and feel a need to trash something in a review.

  2. I loved Infusion d'Iris... Surprisingly, it lasted ages on me, until the next day in fact.. Go figure.

  3. I mostly agree with you on them all, except Racine (which I haven't tried yet; what an interesting -inspired by the dramatist?-name!!) and Infusion d'iris which lasted a long time on me and had proper sillage to be complimented. I mentioned it on my review I think.

    LOL on the pic!

  4. I am with you on the D&G - I was shocked by how truly awful, and also ordinary, it is. It was given a spot in Saks that was virtually s a shrine when it was first released, and so I expected something very luxe. Gaack! I had to back away very quickly, and thank goodness I did not spray my skin with it. I should have known - after all, they were responsible for my Nemesis, the diabolical Light Blue. That damn stuff is EVERYWHERE.

  5. Tom- I'm with you on that "clean laundry" note. Why do so many people want to smell like laundress?

    You can definitely skip the D&G, but I admit it'd be fun to read a snarky review...

    Divina-Isn't chemistry amazing? I'm glad I'm getting an all day iris fix from the PG, otherwise IdI's flightiness would have made me sad.

    Helg-I also love the name. A literary inspiration for perfume is always exciting.
    The picture made me laugh so I was waiting for a good opportunity to use it.

    Flora-I share your feeling about Light Blue. On top of it being so common and lacking in character it also had the audacity to turn sour and icky on my skin.

    As for those shrines in the department stores, they are rarely built for something amazingly good.


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