Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fendi Theorema- The Lost Perfume Series

This is the time of year when my cats begin to be obsessive about those patches of sun coming through the windows. For strictly indoors creatures, they have very good instincts to know that sun and warmth are becoming scarce and need to be cherished and fully enjoyed. Fendi Theorema is like those sunny patches, and considering that it's another discontinued fragrance, it's about to become as rare.

Theorema is warm and spicy, with a borderline gourmand feel. The official notes are:
Top- tangerine, orange, eglantine rose
Heart- jasmine petals, red pepper, cinnamon, osmanthus
Base- cream, sandalwood, musk, amber, ground spice

Carnation isn't listed, but I'm pretty sure I get some of its sparkly quality, that keeps the spiced, creamy orange from becoming too much and go the creamsicle way, like many other orange scents. It's still on the "yummy" side of things, but grown-up enough to enjoy without feeling foolish. Surprisngly, the sillage is not great and I need to spray quite a bit to be able to bask in a comforting bubble. Sometimes it feels like there's not enough amber in the base, which might be the reason Theorema layers so well with other scents. March from Perfume Posse likes to layer it with Chaos (Donna Karan's rare and very discontinued gem), but if you manage to score a bottle of that juice (it goes for an arm and a leg on eBay), you're more likely to wear it alone and ponder your luck. I'm playing with amber or incense combinations, but haven't found the perfect one just yet. I'll report back when I do.

I have no idea why it was discontinued, considering it has such a cult of followers. There's a rumour Theorema is still being produced for the Italian market, so maybe one of my Italian readers can confirm. In any case, I've stocked up on a lifetime supply of this sunshine in a bottle in EdP and parfum, and it can still be found from some e-tailers.

As a final treat, here's a commercial for Theorema. I think it capture the loveliness quite nicely:


  1. This was certainly a great perfume; although I get minumum lasting power for an EDP (cute commercial!). It's a mystery why they pulled it.

  2. Ahhhh, here's one we can agree on! It is lovely and I should pull it out more often.

    I love the mental picture of your cats chasing sun-squares. I have two Chihuahuas who race out the back door to fling themselves onto warm spots on the patio. So cute!

  3. I heard that Fendi is discontinuing EVERYTHING, except the new Palazzo, of course. I suppose if there's no more Fendi on the market, people might not notice that Palazzo is a very unremarkable scent.

    I already ordered a back-up bottle of Theorema from a discounter. Get yours while it lasts!

  4. I recently ordered a bottle, and I'm a fan, too.
    Agree w/ sister Helg, though-
    for an edp, it doesn't hang around too long....

  5. Helg and Chaya- I agree about the lasting power. I have to spray A LOT to make it stay, but when I do it right, it lingers for at least 6 hours, even if it's close to the skin.

    Gail- I adore Chihuahuas! They're so sweet and graceful. My cats would look like a herd of buffalo next to such tiny dogs.
    Theorema is amazing in the way it works for people with opposite skin chemistry. Just another reason I don't get the decision to discontinue it.

    Kathy- I think you're right. The classic original Fendi was discontinued this year (I stocked up on that as well) and Asja has vanished a few years ago. I agree about Palazzo. Beautiful bottle, but the juice made me wonder why they even bothered.

  6. Kathy said it best- having a teensy bottle of both Asja and Theorama show Palazzo to be what it is- a great package with meh juice.

  7. Ooooh, love that Theorema. The weather's just getting right for it. If you'll remember, my reaction upon finally smelling a samp from someone was, hey, why didn't you people TELL ME about this?!?! Heh.

    It lasts forever on me, but then so does everything else.

  8. What a bizarre commercial! But I *love* Nadja Auermann, when she is blonde and when she is non-blonde :-)

  9. Tom- I really need to get a bottle of Asja while it's still around. I wonder if by the time Palazzo is discontinued (and we all know that it would be), it'd have its own cult. Hard to believe.

    March- I always envy your skin chemistry. I have to baste myself again and again if I want this (and several others) to last.

    Marina- Nadja is gorgeous. She has so many faces, and I love her especially when she looks goth.
    I was very surrised by the Disney feel of the commercial. I guess they really wanted to push that "feel good" point.

  10. I was in transit in Milan in December and looked for it at the dutyfree and there was no sign of it anywhere. Terribly disappointing.

    I have a mini-bottle (sample) and I can't get the top off it for anything in this world!

  11. Oh, I love this scent. All the spiciness & the jasmine, love it. I have a small mini-bottle and it stays for ever, until the next shower. Strangely enough you can still get it in some perfume stores in Russia and Italy.

  12. I believe the only bottle I've ever owned of Therorema I bought about 15 years ago and only a few drops remain. I bought it at a Duty Free in Miami on my way to somewhere out of the country. Do I hear that it has been discontinued? where can I get more? i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PERFURME and I am very sad with even the thought that it no longer exists. Can someone help me find it?

  13. Just for reference, Barefoot Venus' "Ginger Snap" scented products smell a lot like Theorema. Not an exact copy of course but similar. Their products are well priced too!


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