Monday, October 15, 2007

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Considering I used to be mortally afraid of liquid eyeliner, my newest love and devotion to Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is somewhat surprising. Until you actually try it, that is. The gel has a wonderful, consistent texture that is hard to mess up even for a klutz like me. It's very easy to control and keep it close to the lash line, making it as thin or as thick as you desire. I use the recommended Bobbi Brown brush, but have also successfully experimented with other ones(you do need to wash it very often, preferably after every use, or the brush would cake up and stiffen).

The staying power is as good as promised, with or without using a primer. I've had no problems with bleeding, fading or racooning and the colors stay true and vibrant even after spending several hours outside in hot and humid conditions (remember those? It was just last week).

The colors I've been using, Black Plum Ink (hardly as purple as you'd think. It looks more like a rich and creamy chocolate pudding, both in the pan and on skin, with just a hint of warmth) and Mahogany Ink (the swatch is quite accurate in this case) are both pretty and wearable. They define the eye very nicely without looking harsh or overdone. That's why when playing with a mod-like, cat eye look I prefer to use them and not the traditional black. It's much more sophisticated and much less Amy Winehouse.


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  2. I love this eyeliner. I use the dark brownish, very gently sparkly one. It stays put -- and then it comes off. Great stuff.

  3. i always hear rave reviews about this, but i can never get it to work for me. i use a liner brush, and the liner just doesn't grab. i have to dig around in it, and then it clumps and flakes, like dry mascara. i don't think the eyeliner is dried out - i use it sometimes for a smudgey smokey look, and it's fine. i'm thinking it's the brush then? what kind of brush do you use?

  4. There's a cheapie version from L'Oreal HIP if you want to experiment with colors, though BB's selection is wider.

  5. March- I need to try the sparkly ones. There are so many pretty colors.

    Kamo- I bet it's a brush issue. I use the recommended Bobbi Brown ultra fine liner brush ( and so far it's the best. But I also made it work with a couple of flat, angled brushes, as long as they're not too soft. The key seems to be learning what's the right amount of gel you need for each brush stroke. Once you get it, the results are awesome.

    Dain- That sounds very tempting. that's probably the best way to go when one gets a craving for teal eyeliner.

  6. Kamo -- I'd second Gaia. It needs to be that funky flat angled brush with the really stiff bristles. I'm not even stroking it on -- it's more like dabbing? I like it b/c it doesn't flake into my eyes and interfere with my contacts.

    Gaia -- The glitter is really subtle, which makes me happy. I need to try your plum; the Cle de Peau lady talked me into this plum/brown/gray shadow that I thought would look like an ugly bruise, and it's GORGEOUS. So I guess I'll open my mind. A bit.

  7. LOL - love the Amy Winehouse reference. My latest rule of thumb: whatever she's doing in her life, I do the opposite and everything will be fine. :-)

    I was just reading about the L'Oreal H.I.P. cream eyeliner and wondering if I could pull off the Eggplant -I have been looking for regular eyeliner of that shade to no avail. The Black Plum sounds like just the ticket as well.


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