Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Like It, Like It Not

  • I liked the Italian Cypress-Pear soap from Caldrea's Holiday Collection, but the Cognac-Vanilla-Limon is not my cup of tea. Cloyingly sweet and with a piƱa colada note, this feels anything but festive. How exactly do you scrub off a soap that turns into a scrubber?
  • The new L'Occitane website is a huge improvment after the horrible and impossible to navigate former version. Now you can actually find the product you're looking for. Imagine that!
  • Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses are wonderful. I love the drape, the fabric and the vintage prints. In theory, you're supposed to be able to find them at Neiman's. In real life, you'll have better luck shopping online. My local store had absolutely none in my size or in any of the prints I liked, while the website offered several.
  • Why can't I find the perfect black handbag this season? I've given up on something that can hold my laptop. I just want something stylish, big enough for a sweater and the normal essentials and in proprtion to my petite frame. I might as well ask for the moon.
  • I think I'm over those limited edition palettes that combine a few beautiful colors with a couple that would never work for me. Case in point: The new one from Chanel (available from Nordstrom). Both of them are gorgerous, but each has several colors I can't wear. Call me when you have a mix'n'match option. In the meantime, I just saved myself $85!

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