Monday, October 22, 2007

Dior- Miss Dior Parfum (Vintage)

How do you approach an iconic fragrance?

There's the history: Year of creation (1947), cultural connotations (the first years after WWII) and fashion reference (Christian Dior's New Look). But it all vanishes the moment you apply the perfume to your skin. First there's a whirlwind of unspecified memories. After all, this scent has been around since the year my mother was born, so while I can't tell for sure where and on whom I've smelled it first (not on my mom, whose as an anti-chypre as IFRA), it's green, elegant opening feels like an old family heirloom. It's also sharp, uncompromising and not entirely friendly in this day and age of sweet, fruity top notes. While I deeply dislike the cloying pink strawberryness of the modern version, Miss Dior Cherie, I do get why so many people would rather go with that and be scared of the "sit straight and listen up" attitude of the green  and classic Miss Dior.

The scent changes as the notes develop. The jasmine-rose heart feels familiar as other classic, lady-like fragrances. It softens, warms up and gets easier to wear, if you're a fan of leather-oakmoss-patchouli drydowns, which I am, most of the time. The patch sweetens the deal significantly and makes the leather chyper base easier to wear than another classic from that era, Bandit. It feels like there's silk and lace under the leather, expensive ones.

The longer I wear it, the easier it becomes. It's plush and polished, has a velvety, feminine presence, pearls and high-heeled pumps. Some find it sexy, others might feel suffocated by girdles and gloves. It's worth trying and befriending, for the pretty and for the feeling of wearing a true classic. Who doesn't want to look like the lady in Dior above?

My bottle is a vintage from about 15 years ago, before oakmoss got its bad rap. There are rumors of reformulations, but the notes listed for the version currently sold still have oakmoss in them. While the EdT is widely available, the parfum is a Saks exclusive.

Original Miss Dior ads from 1949 and 1950:
Dior fashion photograph:
Fashion Photography- A Historical Perspective.


  1. Good morning, hoping you are fine!
    I love the picture with the leopard's paw and the woman hand. This is wonderful. So creative, associative and interesting ...

  2. i have never sniffed the original, but dior miss cherie is like the ultimate scrubber on me. rubber + popcorn + syrup on top. ew!

  3. I wouldn't wear this one myself, but I do with it would make a return; so elegant, so lovely

  4. Andy- Yes, those vintage ads are so much better than most of what we see today. Just think of the difference between the leopard's paw and Tom Ford's latest bursts of creativity...

    Kamo- I share these feelings. Can't stand it.

    Tom- Isn't "elegant and lovely" exactly what's missing from most Diors these days?

  5. Dior cosmetics and Dior Perfumes are the best!


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