Friday, October 19, 2007

Nars Holiday 2007- (Beaten Up) Siren Song

Looking at the model's makeup, you'd think Siren Song, Nars Holiday 2007 collection was all about the dead and undead. However, if you check the actual colors, you can't avoid thinking that some creative director has put a lot of effort in taking all the holiday spirit out of the vibrant makeup, leaving us with the most miserable looking face.

It's not the model's fault, of course. She has this Uma Thurman thing going, but instead of using the ethereal quality, whoever did her face went in the opposite direction, and not for the first time. They also did this to her for their fall makeup.


  1. The creative director is Japanese (Ayako), if that helps. It explains it for me, though I can't exactly say how.

  2. Dain- Now that you mention this, I should have remembered, and it does explain... something. I can almost see how an Asian model would have been able to pull it off better. Still, if a makeup look isn't going to make us look pretty, what's the point?


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