Monday, October 29, 2007

Pore Talk

I was doing some research about Natura Bissé skin care products before using some samples (a good practice for everyone, especially those of us with sensitive skin), when I happened upon the product description for their Oxygen Cream. Here's the screen shot from Neiman Marcus' website. I just enlarged it and underlined the eyebrow raising part:

Everything I know all the info I managed to dig up are saying the same thing: Blemishes occur when your pores get clogged up with gunk, trapping bacteria inside, which leads to inflammation. If a cream causes blemishes it's because it clogs pores. As simple as that.

I'm not buying it.

Has any of you tried this cream or another product that claims that blemishes are a sign it's working?


  1. So true. Many products (and even those who do facials) and the alpha hydroxy things all promise a breakout in pursuit of "better skin" which is just absurd. I stay away from them all. If it's an irritant and a pore blocker, why do it to yourself?

    BTW, I was fascinated with your description of the Lithuanian ladies in another post, in their hyper feminine get-ups -- I also grew up with them...and admired the what I now know as the discipline of their intensive grooming.

  2. Eeek! No, but I'd be definitely interested in a post about pore minimizing treatments! *hint, hint!* I have not heard the best about Dr. Sebagh's pore minimizing line (too many products have to be layered etc) and I have not yet tried the new one by Estee... I am a little scared of it because it promotes cell turnover (which seems to be the new thing with creams...but I have heard a LOT of scary things about products that promote cell renewal...namely that they lead to more wrinkles in the longrun and...cancer...Nice.) Please let us know if you have some good products in mind!


  3. I'm sticking with my black soap, thanks.

  4. Lucy- Thanks for stopping by. My policy is that a product that doesn't make my skin feel and look good right away is not worth trying. I find that my skin responds best to a simple routine and doesn't need any extra interventions.

    Divina- I'm not sure about these pore minimizers. When my skin is in good shape, the pores are minimal and everything is fine.
    As for cell turnover creams, I'm not that scared of them because usually the active ingredients are the same ones in regular bio-exfoliators, only less concentrated so you can use them daily. But I'm also not sure that one really needs it for long term use once you have a good skin care routine. It's just too much very active ingredients.
    What works for me at the moment is simple cleansers, a vitamin C serum (Remede) and a serious moisturizer (Lancome Secret de Vie. Pricey but worth it). That's it, and my skin couldn't be happier.

    Tom- Sounds like a wise


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