Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Balancing Act- Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducing Toner

You know this kind of a day: the change of weather, the monthly, the environment, something you ate or the government are sending your skin into an overdrive. Even if your skin is usually dry and your main concern is to keep it from flaking, suddenly you feel a need for some extra cleansing. But you also know well that any shift in balance might cause either super dry patches or a starved and over-compensating skin ( a nice way to say "here comes the zit").

Most of us keep an extra tried-and-true product just for these times. I usually reach for a toner, something I don't use every day, as I prefer wash/rinse products, but I always have one on hand, just because. The brand new Biopur from Biotherm came here at a perfect time, just as I finished a bottle of something else and my face demanded more.

Now, reducing pores isn't exactly a huge skin care concern of mine, so I was a bit hesitant about even giving it a chance and can't comment on this aspect. What I can say, is that the toner picks every last bit of goo, goop and residue from my makeup removers and smooths the skin to a noticeable degree. It feels clean, but there's absolutely no tightening and drying that most products of this kind give me.

Looking at the ingredient list, it seems like a fortified witch hazel product. It would not get a crunchy endorsement, since it does contain methylparaben and a couple of unpronouncables, but it's also enriched with several plant extracts and many ingredients are natural. Also of note are the citrus oils, which can be irritants for people who have certain skin sensitivities. For me, they just make the toner smell nice (it's pretty faint and the citrus is down at the bottom of the ingredient list, but if you know that peeling an orange makes your hand red and itchy, you'd better stay away).

The entire Biopur line should be available any day now from Biotherm's website. I recieved the toner, which retails for $20, as a PR freebie.

Art: The Delicate Balance of Nature by N. Robert Wagstaff.


  1. I love the Wagstaff picture you used!

  2. Lady Jane- Thanks. I love it, too. His site is worth a visit.


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