Friday, May 30, 2008

Bed Habits: Linen Spray from Jane Inc. and Crabtree & Evelyn

Part of my morning ritual of making my bed is spraying the pillows, comforters and quilt with a lavender linen mist (or sometimes with perfume. There was a week I used Louve every day, and another time it was Bandit. Don't ask). Some of the people reading this are raising an eyebrow. The rest are scent addicts and either already do something similar or are planning to start.

My linen mist of choice for years was the wonderful but little known Sweet Sheets Bedding Spray from Jane Inc. (they also have a laundry detergent and fabric rinse, both excellent, but their dryer sheets are pretty much crap).

The other thing I do to scent my bedroom is using Crabtree & Evelyn lavender home fragrance oil in a lamp ring. Occasionally I switch to the Rosewater scent, but most of the time it's lavender. That's why I decided to give their linen mist a try. I was quite enthusiast, because the Crabtree & Evelyn spray comes in a bottle twice the size of Jane's.

Scent-wise, I like both. Jane's is more astringent and very true to the fragrance in their laundry products, which satisfies me on some weird level. The Crabtree & Evelyn smells very much like the lavender in my back yard. It's a little softer than Jane with just a hint of powderiness. I could have been very happy with it if only it lingered and actually scented the linens. It's quite an amazing phenomenon: I spray it on the bed, but five seconds later I can't smell a thing, so forget about having a lightly scented bed. Jane's Sweet Sheets, on the other hand, is still detectable when I climb into bed some 16 hours later.


  1. I've been spritzing my sheets with Annick Goutal Lavender for years.

    Bandit I sometimes spritz myself with before bed- Oddly enough I just did before reading this!

  2. Now this is a weird phenomenon! (I meant the comparative test of lasting power between the two)

    I usually don't scent the bed, because I wear something on myself and want to focus on that. I like the remnants on my pillow the next morning.

    But sometimes I do scent the bedroom with Fleurs d'oranger or Pur desir de gardenia...

  3. Tom- I think my next linen spray should be a Goutal. It makes perfect sense, all of a sudden...

  4. Helg- I scent the bed early in the morning, so by the time I go to sleep it's not too dominant and I can still wear something completely different on my body.

    You and Tom are inspiring me to try new things for scenting the bedroom.


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