Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bésame Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara

I've said this before, and it's worth repeating: There are so many great products on the market today, that a mediocre mascara is simply unacceptable.

I usually love the makeup from Besame Cosmetics, a small and semi-exclusive line, famous for elegant and vintage-inspired packaging, but something is going on there and it's not necessarily good. They are no longer sold at Henri Bendel, though there are quite a few more new locations. Most of the original products are being phased out and discontinued (I just stocked up on my favorite lip gloss in Berry Red), while new ones are replacing them.

This is the case of the new mascara. I liked the previous, non-waterpoof version and didn't have many issues with it, though I know that others have experience more racooning than is acceptable. I enjoyed the thick, very black and very glossy formula that added volume, curl and definition. The new waterproof mascara doesn't come close, as much as I'm concerned.

While it's easily removed and doesn't smudge or 'coon, it doesn't do much, either. In fact, I had to pile on layer after layer in order to see any results. I'm not looking for much lash drama, but I do want to see some action, and it just doesn't happen here. Do you remember beauty advice in old magazines telling us to powder our lashes between layers of mascara? The 70s are over, though, and I'm expecting more.

Besame Waterproof Mascara ($24) was sent to me as a freebie for review.

Photo of Joan Crawford and her lashes is for Tom. Just because.

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