Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stay Away From The Sun- Golden Dior Summer 2008

While we're waiting for Chanel's golden collection for fall, Dior already has something for us. It's more of a concept than a full line of products, because some of the items that make the look aren't really new and/or limited edition, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Imagine that: you might actually be able to find a favorite color several seasons in a row!

I was instantly drawn to the poster and the display on the Dior counter at my local Saks. It looked gorgeously summery and promising on a rainy and gloomy spring day. Upon closer inspection, while the whole thing was lovely, most of the individual items were not my thing. The glosses too light, the blush and one of the lipsticks too orange and I really (really!) don't need another bronzer. I loved the look and the idea behind the 5 color eyeshadow palette: gold, earth and khaki metallic tones, but it was too pearly and just not practical enough. Not to mention, way too close to other shiny eye shadows I already own, though nothing is quite like that, I admit (an excellent substitution, especially if, like me, you already have several shimmery and iridescent golds and browns, but are still mesmerized by a golden khaki: Bourjois Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Kaki Etonnant. I just saved you $40).

I ended up buying two things: a nail polish (the one you see in the picture, review soon) and a lipstick, Rouge Dior, in Must See Mauve (#713).

The lip color, while part of the Golden Dior look, is part of the regular collection and seems to be available everywhere: Sephora and all major department stores have it in stock. When trying at the counter, I liked the subtle shine and the sophisticated color. It's a mauvish, toned-down bronze, not too warm but definitely summery enough. However, the first time I tried to wear it at home in natural daylight I was mortified: the shine looked frosted (think 80s chic) and the formula clung to the lips emphasizing the natural texture and the tiny scar on my bottom lip. It was a disaster begging to be returned.

However, I gave it another chance at night and wore it over a non-sticky lip balm (Benefit Smooch, one of the best lip treatments I know). Apparently, that's how it meant to look. Beautiful color, a lit-from-within effect and an even coating of the lips. the quality is what I expect from Dior, reasonably well-lasting and comfortable to wear. Just avoid daylight.

Rouge Dior is available at every Dior counter for $27. I bought mine from Saks.

Golden Dior image from, of all places.

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