Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nail Candy- Zoya ChitChat and Gossip Collections

I needed a good pick-me-up this week, and the second thing that worked (the first was perfume, of course) was making my nails look like candy. Zoya launched two collections for summer: ChitChat, which has six sparkly colors, all named after beauty bloggers, and Gossip, which I'm doing my best to ignore the fact that it was inspired by The Hills (said she who watched every episode of the Real Housewife of NYC and has no ground for being a snob).

The colors are so happy I couldn't resist playing with the bottles and taking the pictures, even if I can't actually wear many of them. The quality is as wonderful as ever. They go on easily and smoothly, the creamy ones only require one layer, a fact that I appreciate beyond words. It almost guarantees perfect, no mess application. All the colors, including the creams are quick-drying (see again: no mess, even if you're an über-klutz). And the best part is that the formulas are, as always, toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free, which translates to less toxic and less stinky than most polishes.

I'm one of the bloggers who had colors named after them. The others are Erika, Annie, Bekka, Lianne and Elke. My favorites are Erika and Gaia (what are the chances?), frankly, because they are the less intense of the bunch. Erika is a very sheer baby pink that would require three layers to get the color of the bottle, but I'm very happy with only two. The golden shimmer looks lovely in the sun and gives the summery look without going overboard. My color is a shimmery white, with some gold undertone. It's classy and I wish it was available last year when I desperately searched for a white polish and ended up with a disaster that looked like I was playing with Wite-Out.

The one I really wanted to love was Bekka. Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors, and unlike many other people, I can actually wear it. In clothes and accessories, that is. But as much as I tried, it is just wrong for nails of a warm-skinned person, and please (please!) don't attempt it on your toes. Some things should never be yellow.

The Gossip collection is just as bold, but somehow easier for me to wear. Most of the colors make for very happy toes, and Audrina, a plummish fuchsia, is incredibly pretty in the bottle and even more gorgeous and flattering when you put it on. I have a feeling it'd look good on most hands (normally I'm not a fuchsia person, but this is balanced just right).

Bottom line: These colors might not be appropriate for the Queen's Garden Party, but they sure are fun.

I received both collection as a PR freebie. They are available from Zoya's website for $34 for a full collection or $6 per bottle.

Photos (and a back stairs handrail in a dire need of painting): all mine.


  1. Congratulations! When I first saw the collection, Gaia was the color I most wanted! White nail polish must always be sheer, but a sheer white with gold shimmer? Brilliant! I like your new pic too! I much prefer it to the old one. Where was it taken?

  2. I love that green too but I know I couldn't wear it. Not as nail polish..

  3. SCREAM IT - THIS IS THE BEST SHADE OF WHITE EVER CREATED. Everyone should have a bottle. No kidding. I've never tried Zoya before but this color had me at it's gold undertone beginning. Who cares about that icky green, GREEN IS ALWAYS UGLY on nails? No matter what the hue, value or finish - green always looks tacky, tacky, tacky. I love your blog - you've got style girl.

  4. Mandy- Thank you! It was just a casual picture my husband took when we were walking around in the city. I think it was around Washington Square.

  5. Tom- I agree, I can't really picture you with chartreuse nails. Maybe it's the sparkle ;)

  6. Anon- Thank you :) That was very sweet of you. It's fun to be sort-of immortalized in nail polish (well, technically I'm not, since it's a limited edition). It really is a special color. Very me.

  7. Actually, Bekka is not anymore named after a blogger, but rather after the polish color creator. Allacqueredup blogged about this...

  8. i must have these collections!
    i love Audrina, Erika, and your color too much :] i've always been super afraid to wear white, but i think i could manage this one for sure.

  9. I love your color in this collection!
    Fellow Real Housewives of NYC Fan.

  10. Lydia - You're right. Michelle of ALU has asked her name to be removed, since she's not a fan of the color. Thank you for bringing this up.

  11. Yvonne- Yes, this warm white is surprisingly wearable. And I like how it doesn't clash with some of my more colorful outfits.

  12. Marina- You never fail to make me smile :) I hope the ladies return for another season.

  13. Ahhhh, thank you so much. I know you posted this nearly two months ago but I've been looking for a nasty-free nail polish to go with my nasty-free nail care treatments, and your review of Zoya clinches it for me. I am so looking forward to using their white on my next home french manicure.

    (PS: those nasty-free nail care products are from Nail-Aid. They have saved me from peeling nail purgatory.)


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