Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss

Even for the most jaded lip gloss user/collector, she who has more tubes than she'll ever admit, and feels she has tried everything, a new lip product from Chanel is always a must-try (and a must-have. That's just how it works).

The new Chanel Aqualumiere high shine gloss is the latest addition to the Aqualumiere line that also offers some fabulous sheer lipsticks. This is a different product than the classic Glossimer: A lot less shimmer, a smoother texture and more shine. It might be a bit more sticky than some Glossimers, but not by much, and never to an annoying degree. The colors are very sheer and you need to build them up if you want to get the exact effect you see in the tube. As a result, even the darkest shade available, Bubble Plum, is far less scary or intense than it looks, and as a result, very wearable, even if you are paler than me.

As a a matter of fact, Bubble Plum was the only color that looked good on me. The other colors, pretty as they are, were much too light. My rule is that lip products have to add color, not to take away (obviously, Jennifer Lopez doesn't share my ideas), and that was the only one that worked. A light-handed application gives just a touch of plummish color, very suitable for days and looks good with a light (fake) tan. You can add another dollop or two for a sexier look. The brush applicator required some practice (I prefer sponges, but it's not that big of an issue), though once you get the hang of it, delivers a perfect and precise coverage.

Staying power: moderate. It doesn't survive lunch or kissing, but half the fun is in reapplying.

All in all, another little happiness in a tube. I hope to see more colors join the range.

Aqualumiere gloss is available from every good department store that has a Chanel counter, as well as from the official Chanel website. I bought mine at the local Saks for $26.


  1. i actually tried that same color last week - i loved it. i have a hard time finding deep colors that look good on me because i have really fair skin and hair. i might have to go back and pick it up..

  2. I haven't actually tried these on my lips yet, but I did quickly swipe a few colors on my hand (it was one nano second prior to Saks closing) and I have to say I loved the texture - not at all sticky like Chanel's other glosses (that my catch and keep my hair stuck like fly paper). These felt so smooth, but also wiped off my hand very easily, so I'm not sure how long they'll last on my lips, even with regular pursing and licking (I'm a fidgety person). I also loved the colors and transparency tho, so I'm guessing I'll be buying one and trying it out!

  3. Kamo- I think that several of the colors in this collections might work with your fair skin. It was much harder for me, because my lips are naturally dark.

  4. Gail- The lasting power could be improved, but they look and feel so good that I really don't mind. I'd buy more if only the colors were good for me.

  5. I love the colors but I am very disappointed with the lack of staying power. One application lasts only about 10 mins! I think this is an expensive product for what it is.

  6. Sorry for arriving almost a year after this post was released (I wasn't yet back then a reader of your amazing blog, Gaia!).

    I have exactly the same gloss like you do,Bubble Plum, but I practically never use it: I don't like the texture and staying power, and I must admit that I'm not such a "gloss girl", I'll always prefer a lipstick. The only gloss that I've ever bought twice was Chanel Glossimer #102, don't remember the name, but since it was over, I've always prefered to spend money on a good lipstick :).


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