Thursday, May 01, 2008

Red Lipstick- Julie Hewett Coco Noir

It's all about red lipstick, lately, and there are many beautiful options. Not that it's making finding the right one any easier. A line worth checking is Julie Hewett's Noir Collection which includes six reds with different undertones, so hopefully there's a red for everyone.

I bought Coco Noir, which is described as "brick red", but on my lips, which are darker than most, the warm tone of brick isn't very visible, and it's more of a true Gwen Stefani red. It's pretty and surprisingly wearable once you get over the initial "I'm wearing a red lipstick" shock. The pigment level is unbelievably high. It requires careful application, starting with a liner (I use the matching pencil Julie Hewett offers. It's good, easy to apply and, of course, a perfect match), and putting it on with a lip brush. Despite how it looks in movies and commercials, where a Marilyn-looking (or the real Marilyn) woman in fishnets and a little black dress is sensually painting her lips dark red straight from the tube, in reality, this purist approach would only result in an uneven layer of color and possibly red teeth.

When I say "highly pigmented", I mean it. Coco Noir lasts through a cocktail party and dinner. It doesn't go away until you make it, which is another reason to be careful and precise when applying. And you'll need to make sure no trace is left before going to bed. Otherwise, your pillowcase will suffer. Also, be careful with your man's collar. I'm just sayin'.

What I love best about it, is the comfortable texture. Long lasting matte colors usually scare me and they tend to be scorchers. Not this one. It's soft, creamy without being oily and you won't feel like you have a layer of deep red goop on your mouth.

I think I'll need to get Sin Noir next. A wine/eggplant red sounds excellent.

Julie Hewett makeup is available through her website,

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  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try JH's lipsticks for a while. The gold packaging is so pretty!


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