Monday, May 19, 2008

The Posh Peasant- New Option For Online Perfume Shopping

One of the most frequently asked questions in emails I get is about perfume shopping and sampling. My advice is always to get samples. Reviews and note lists are nice, but I'd hate to see anyone buy a full bottle of Miel de Bois just because I adore it, only to discover that their skin does the unthinkable and pushes forward the funk described by haters as feline waste. Sometimes you can't even count on your scent twin. If you're a regular reader, you might remember that Tom and I share an almost identical skin chemistry, except for Luctor et Emergo, which on me is all kinds of cherry incense goodness with a side of marzipan, and for him it's nothing but play-doh. So, I urge everyone to get samples first before going for the full bottles, but let's face it: Many of the most interesting scents can't be found in Sephora or Macy's, but there are few places to get samples and decants of these perfumes.

This is why I was happy to see a new online venue joining this very exclusive club: The Posh Peasant. The store offers both full bottles of brands like Aroma M, Sage Machado, Keiko Mecheri and others, as well as samples, sample sets and decants of many classic and niche brands. There are dozens of them: from Guerlain and Caron to Serge Lutens (including several of the exclusives), Frederic Malle and also really small houses like Ava Luxe.

The lovely bottle in the photo is the special Sage Machado Onyx Vanity Bottle (a 1/4 oz). The weather is getting warmer, and despite the gloomy, rainy weekend we just had here, I'm getting a craving for this gorgeous dark coconut and tobacco scent, and after going through numerous samples of both the EdT and the oil, it just might be time for a full bottle.


  1. Yay, Posh Peasant! I had a really good experience with her -- the perfumes I ordered arrived on Friday (right before I had to leave for the weekend, sigh!), so I'm looking forward to trying them out! I highly recommend her.

  2. I have to go to that site..

    Doesn't that bottle look a lot like the ones from the Mugler Coffret?

    Marina sent me the remains of a bottle of Human Existence, which I am keeping as olfactory nuclear deterrent I don't know if I would ever be so pissed off with someone that I'd pour it on the base of their windshield (where it gets into the AC system), but it's nice to know I could...

    I wish PotL gave me what you get! Grrr....

  3. Hehehe... this is a comment on Tmp00's comment. Love the idea! And it is always good to know one could if one wanted, right?!

    And yes Gaia: A nice shop, indeed!

  4. I love this for the bottle alone!

  5. Jeanne- I'm very happy to hear this. The great thing about the people who sll this kind of perfumes and decants is they all are fragrance addicts, just like us.

  6. Tom- I'm morbidly curious about that Mugler scent, just as I am about that Secretion juice and the people who buy it.

    As much as I love PotL and enjoy wearing it, on my husband it smells even better, which is really unfair.

  7. Andy- Only us, crazy perfume people, can even think of such ideas...

  8. Mandy- I'm with you. The bottles woould have been enough to make me curious, even without adoring the juice within.

  9. Ummmm - coconut and tobacco??! Whare do I get in line? :-D

  10. Flora- Join the line. It's a beautiful scent for summer. And, I'm happy to see someone else who isn't scared of coconut!

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