Friday, May 02, 2008

Pretty Little Things- Lisa Everett Design

Lisa Everett is one of the artists I recently found through the EBSQ gallery. She makes lovely hand-painted pendants using ceramic tiles in several sizes, but mostly 1" squares. I have a thing for color, and these pretty little things are great mood boosters. They make a simple t-shirt come alive and feel just right for the season. I like the abstract designs best, but there are also very nice floral patterns, birds and other critters. Some of the items are one-of a-kind, but most are available at larger quantities. The Etsy store is frequently updated so I find myself coming back often. And placing orders.

I also ordered a black cord with my first purchase (they come in several lengths). I'd pass on a white one, because I suspect it wouldn't look so nice after soaking up my moisturizer and perfumes.

The pendants are sold online through Etsy, which is where I bought several items. Prices are $7.99-$20.
Image: Lisa Everett


  1. These are beautiful. When you said about the cord soaking up perfumes, I thought wouldn't it be nice if the ceramic soaked up your perfume?

  2. oh, indeed: How beautiful (and what a nice company profile, with the bird sitting over a hand written line). what a pity she doesn't make rings!

    but.. oh my: She ships for 1.5 $ US every where. Wow. Got another birthday present for a child I love.
    Thank you!

  3. These are really pretty, great gift ideas. I like the ones with birds and also the round ones with a crystal attached. However, what I most want is a big bowl of them because they look so gorgeous all arrayed together as they are in your photo!

  4. Very pretty pendants Gaia, thanks for giving us all a peek at them. In India we have something similar in terracotta, very intricately designed, though not so colorful. These would really perk up any place they're put in :)

    Oh, and I'm also tagging you for the "six quirky things" game, have fun listing out what makes you unique, and you can check out the rules at my blog.

  5. Zita- I think you're on to something. A line of elegant ceramic pendant that hold perfume oils and gently release them...?

  6. Andy- Yes, pretty rings would have been great. I'm so glad you liked the pendants and I agree, they'd make a special child very happy.

  7. Calypso- Oh, a big glass bowl full of colorfull pretties... I'd go for it.

  8. Mukho- Thanks for tagging me! I'll try to do it tonight or tomorrow morning.

  9. I ended up buying one of the colorful bird pendants and will probably buy the black and white version later.


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