Thursday, May 26, 2011

Addiction Blush Rose Bar 14

Addiction is right. This Asian makeup brand continues to lure me in, this time with Rose Bar (#14), a gorgeous spring-appropriate blush. You can see that this is a medium warm rose shade with a brown base andvery good pigmentation (I swatched quite lightly). The texture is smooth and beautiful and the quality is superb- this Addiction blush stays put, doesn't oxidize and plays well with all the other face products I throw its way.

Rose Bar looks and feels like the love child of two Edward Bess blushes, Moroccan Rose and Desert Blossom. I've wanted a color that's exactly in between, and Addiction provided just that. The compact is not as sleek as the Edward Bess one and doesn't have a mirror for some reason, so you can't just shove it in your makeup bag without making sure you have a mirror with you. It holds a little more product than the EB, though (3.9gr compared to 3.5 gr), so that's a plus.

Bottom Line: For Japanese cosmetics addicts.

Addiction Blush in Rose Bar (¥4,050 JPY, about $49)) on

All photos are mine.


  1. I refuse to look at another brand!! LOL Too many lemmings!

  2. I was occupied with another task while your page was loading on my iPad. When I glanced over and saw the picture, my first thought was that Edward Bess had brought out a new blush. Then when I took a closer look, I was pleasantly surprised to see that that beautiful rose was by Addiction. I smiled when you said it was like the love child of Moroccan Rose and Desert Blossom. That's high praise, indeed, for such a beautiful blush. Addiction is a great line. I've already got some of the eye shadows in my collection. Now, I'll have to see about ordering that love child.

  3. I have a few Addiction pieces, and love them. To me, the line is what you'd get if Inoui ID and Nars had a child.

  4. I agree with PerilouslyPale, too many brands!!!I can't start in with the Japanese cosmetics I'l be broke! (but beautiful!)

  5. PP, I don't blame you. It's a slippery slope ;) .

  6. Eileen, my next order is going to include several Addiction eye shadows. Should I try the metallics or stick with the pearl and matte finish?

  7. L., what else do I need from Addiction?

  8. N., resistance is futile ;) .

  9. Hi Gaia,

    The metallics are really pretty. My first purchase was Crow (metallic blue/black) and Neverland (metallic green/black). I use them to line my eyes when I want a smoky eye with a bit of color. When the spring collection came out, I picked up Earth Wind which is a soft, warm cinnamon. It's matte in texture, but silky smooth. I also got Out of Africa which is an intense and vibrant olivine with a pearl finish. I know some people say not to use green with green eyes, but I couldn't resist and I'm so glad I didn't. It's beautiful as a highlighter on the lid especially when teamed with Earth Wind. I apply all of them over Kanebo's eye shadow base and find they wear very well. So, I guess I'd recommend trying one of each finish. If you're going to go to the trouble of ordering from Japan, you might as well get a good representative sampling of the shadows.

  10. Hello Gaia

    The eyeshadows are beautiful. I have a few of the darker shades for a smoky eye look, but I also have Bagdad Cafe, which is a very useful coffee brown with gold shimmer. I also have Beige, which is a creamy matte base shade. It's not a unique shade, but it's lovely quality.

    The metallics are quite wearable - they aren't too sparkly and I don't find I get fallout from them. I have Crow, which is is a black/blue/green shade, I have seen Flash Back on other blogs and that looks like a lovely taupe - it's on my list! The sheer lipsticks are a lovely texture too, but not as standout as the eyeshadows.

  11. Thanks, Eileen and Lydia. My shopping list is growing and growing. It's going to be interesting.

  12. Definetely try Addiction Flashback eyeshadow!
    A complex plummy -silvery taupe. Maybe its just me , but the texture of the Addiction eyeshadow seems creamy-powder in a good way.

    In japanese blogs everyone praises the color "arabian ruby", seems to have also a complex color appeal.

    Personally I love their "tinted moisturizer" is their satiny light fluid foundation. I am light olive and I match the shade #3.


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