Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 'William And Catherine' Musk Rose And Other Floral Namesakes

A musky rose! I'm very curious to smell this one, the 'William And Catherine' Musk Rose that was displayed yesterday at the Chelsea Flower Show in London. I wonder if it's fragrant enough for perfume-making; does anyone know?

William and Kate weren't the only ones honored with a namesake flower. There was a bittersweet moment when Vanessa Redgrave was presented with a rose named in the memory of her daughter, the Natasha Richardson Rose. Then came Dame Helen Mirren for the launch of a new carnivorous flower, a cultivar nepenthes named 'Helen' . I don't know what this one smells like, but I'm thinking fierce.


  1. So you know how we were talking about Le Metier naming a piece of makeup after us? I'm now thinking that a rose being named after you would be just as cool. I love roses and have several rose bushes in my backyard. I really liked this post and that Helen Mirren is full of spunk!

  2. Love all your posts, Gaia, and this one is a special treat!

    I tried googling in search of the answer to your question about musk roses and perfume. What I found is that Rosa moschata seed oil is an ingredient of Fresh Rose Face Mask, along with other rose ingredients. That sounds nice, doesn't it? ~~nozknoz

  3. I love roses, and would love to smell the William and Catherine variety. Growing roses in Northern CA on the foggy cool coast is an exercise in futility......
    I was so happy that my Evelyn roses bloomed in time for their wedding a few weeks back,

  4. HDTM, I agree- having a namesake rose (or any flower, really) is way cooler than the nail polish that was named after me.

  5. nozknoz, sounds very nice. Thanks for googling :) .

  6. Elizabeth, my roses have started blooming last week. I have four bushes, one grows right across my bedroom window and makes me extra happy.


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